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Hello all, been a long time since I last posted here (really anywhere while we're at it). Anyways, life has been busy, and part of that was our 2 year old Silver Lab needed to have a rather costly surgery this past week. As a result I am looking to sell some wines I have in an effort to offset some of this $3600 surgery. 

Here is what I have. I purchased all of these wines direct from the mailing list and have stored them in my U-Line cooler at 54F since they arrived. I don't really sell wine at all, no not sure of the best manner to do this, but figured this was probably a better place than any to start. As I mentioned, I haven't posted here in a while, but have done some sales and trades over the years, so maybe someone will vouch for me. Would prefer an in person transaction, but could ship them, provided buyer assumes all risk with shipping, and it is legal for me to do so. I have seen other people make offers here of 10% off Winesearcher or something like that. Not looking to make a killing by any means, but am looking to offer them at a fair price that helps me pay off this surgery. I know approximately what I paid for each of these, and will consider all reasonable offers. Again, not looking make a killing, but would like to offset some unexpected expenses. 

Here is the list.

2008 No Girls Syrah x 1

2008 No Girls Grenache x 1

2009 No Girls Syrah x 1 

2009 No Girls Grenache x1

2011 No Girls Syrah x 1

2011 No Girls Grenache x 1

2012 No Girls Syrah x 2

2012 No Girls Grenache x 2

2012 No Girls Tempranillo x 2

Andremily #2 (2013) x 1

Andremily #3 (2014) x 2

Andremily #4 (2015) x 2

If these have any value I also have:

2007 Terra Di Lavoro x 1

2002 Cos d'Estournel x 2

2002 La Mission Haut Brion 1.5L x 1

These have all been stored properly as well, but I had a different cooler prior to the U-Line I have now.

The back labels on the 2011 No Girls got a little messed up somehow. I think that shelf in the cooler is too small for these huge bottles.   

Let me know if you need any info or have any questions. 


Thank you for looking!




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purplehaze posted:

No interest in these wines, but all the best with your pup.  I had Labs for years, and they were wonderful members of the family.


Thank you PH. Great family dogs, hence the reason we are spending the money. It’s basically our fourth kid if you ask my wife, and probably the one she likes the most 😀


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