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Okay, I've been resisting, but I just can't take it anymore! When my beloved Buckeyes are playing well, it only increases the urge to drink something REALLY good... perhaps soon I'll get the bitter taste of last year's National Championship game out of my mouth. All the same, there doesn't seem to be the same chatter about the games and the accompanying wines as in previous years. Is it because neither USC nor Cal is having the year they hoped? Are all the upsets making folks too queazy to drink wine? Last year's thread was begun by a Notre Dame fan, as I recall, so considering how their year is going, I certainly can't expect them to get this started.

Once again, thanks to Wine Joe for being such a good sport last year, handing over a bottle of '01 Fuligni when USC ended up ranked lower than Ohio State. Anyone want to wager a bottle of something nice on your team this year?

I've been digging Torbreck recently, particularly The Struie or The Factor from '01 ('02 still seems like it could use some ageing). If Ohio produced any world-class wine, I'd be all for it... but since it doesn't (to my knowledge), I'll stick with Torbreck - great to quaff alone, pair with some hearty fair, or just to raise a toast while we sing Carmen Ohio. Go Bucks!
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There's a college thread in the Travel & Entertainment section. Your bitter taste last year seemed so sweet to me...although it tastes a bit sour this year.

So...join the thread over in T&E and I doubt you'll get any takers on a bet since its hard to see OSU losing until they stop playing high school teams....which won't happen unfortunately until the NC game, although if the NC game is Big10 vs ACC, it merely will be two teams that won their games because they had the easiest route. At least the ACC has to play a Championship game.
Stickman, I talked too much about the Buckeyes last year and that it why I have been quiet this year. I’ve just been enjoying watching their defense stuff anything thrown at them and the methodical manner in which the offense has been racking up yardage. I like the fact that the rest of the country does not think highly of the Buckeyes. In an ESPN poll of over 100,000 fans close to 60% picked Penn State to beat Tressel’s boys. I hope the lack of belief continues. Troy who?
'Doh! College football in Travel and Entertainment?! Alright. That's not how I think of it, but I'll play along and take my game over there.

I'm with you, I much prefer to play the 'no respect' card, seeing how we dealt with the almost unanimous respect we got before the NC game last year.

Good luck this week. Wisconsin has had more success against the Tressel-lead Buckeyes than any other Big 10 team. Don't think, however, that any Buckeyes have forgotten your Badgers dancing on our block 'O' the last time you were in town. Payback time is at hand. Mad

OSU and Michigan play the last game of their respective seasons each year... that IS the Big 10 Championship game. If the Big 10 played a separate championship game, the Buckeyes and Wolverines would simply repeat their game of the previous week. Roll Eyes It's only the greed of other conferences which has screwed things up for them ocassionally... a mistake the Big 10 and Pac 10 heads didn't make. Nonetheless, good luck to your Gators; I've got nothing but respect for Urban Meyer, including back in his days at Utah and Bowling Green.

'See you guys over in T&E.
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