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Anyone besides myself and Steve8 give a crap?

There is no reason to expect anything great (or even good) from the Blackhawks this season. They have Patrick Kane, an aging Duncan Keith, and that’s about it. I had hopes for a surgically repaired Brent Seabrook to contribute on the back end, but he’s currently “unfit to play”. Captain is out with an undisclosed issue. We traded a goalie we should have extended and let the guy who backstopped two championships go unsigned and then he retired. The youngsters will have ample opportunity to show what they can do.

This season’s division setup should create some fierce rivalries with teams playing each other 8 times in a shortened campaign . Looking forward to watching games starting tomorrow.

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Blackhawks defenseman Brent Seabrook hung the skates up today after a 15-year career that included an Olympic gold medal and three Stanley Cups. All 1,100+ regular season games were with Chicago, who drafted him when they were a laughingstock of a franchise. He tried fixing himself early last year with surgeries on a shoulder and both hips in the span of about a month, but the body ultimately said no. Mad respect for this warrior, leader and great playoff performer. I suspect down the road the team will do a joint retirement of number 7 for him and Chris Chelios, like they did with number 3 for Pierre Pilote and Keith Magnuson.  What a great career.

I'm glad the finals are the Lightning-Habs as it must piss of Bettman et al who seemingly tried to get the refs to do their bidding in both of the previous series. Normally I would want the team who beat the Bruins to win but not this time. The Islanders are dirt bags and I was very happy to see them pack their (golf)bags. And me wanting the Habs to beat Vegas was probably the first time in my life I've ever cheered for them. Hopefully Grossie doesn't see this! However, that cheering for the Habs was short lived as I could not bring myself to want them to win the cup, but there doesn't seem to be much worry about that.

There is no tombstone emoji or the guy with eyes that are x, which could be my only reaction to Steve8, a devout traitor/Bruins fan rooting for the Habs!  Somehow that softens the blow of the sweep that is about to occur tonight.

I got very fortunate to be able to attend a game in the semis in Vegas and in the finals in Tampa.  I'm glad I did it, but I'm sad about the final outcome, which seems all but done at this point.  At this rate I will be 80 by the times the Habs make it back there again.

So Grossie, are you a lurker these days or did someone let you know about my confession of rooting for the Habs? I hope you are doing well.

I see the Habs are leaving Carey Price unprotected in the expansion draft. I suspect Price (and his wife) wouldn't mind a move to Seattle and might even take a pay cut to get there which Seattle would probably need. And the Bruins have done the same with Rask.

Hey Steve-  I lurk, check in here once in a while.  With the Habs making a run I had to post something!  Hope you're good too.

I hear the Price is hurt and likely to start the season on LTIR.  Knee and maybe hip.  Seattle is unlikely to take him.  From what I hear he'll be a 40 game per year goalie going forward, and they'll bring him out for the playoffs (if they make it). 

I hate an expansion draft.  So much maneuvering and leaving guys exposed, it creates such tension (in my mind at least).

The Blackhawks saw a 535 game home sellout streak come to an end - 13 seasons. Since they are tied with the hapless Coyotes for the worst record in the league, it may at least mean their fans aren’t  dumb.

I was extremely excited when they picked up Seth Jones and Marc-Andre Fleury. While the latter pretty much has no help in front, he has also shown some poor decision-making. The former has been a complete disaster so far. My high hopes for a return to competitiveness this season are pretty much gone.

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Almost 18 months since any NHL post? Maybe you should change the subject to simply NHL and leave off the year Bill?

Bruins win the President's Trophy but that didn't work out very well for them the other 2 times. Third time lucky? They're looking a little tired lately which worries me, especially with regular season dog-fornicators like Tampa Bay. I have nightmares about the phrase "saved by Vasilevskiy". Canes look pretty good too.

The Blackhawks seem to be gunning for Conor Bedard in the draft but the Ducks are dropping like a rock.

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