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The Blackhawks played really well on Thursday but still came up short in OT against a team missing one of their better players. It’s obviously not looking good down 2-0 but I’m still looking forward to watching tonight. I’m a fan of VGK so assuming they advance, I’ll be rooting for them in the West and CBJ in the East.

Mixed feelings. If his heart isn't in it, better to leave and I thought he was poor in game 2. The Canes clearly decided to go up high on him and all three goals were over his shoulders. He barely waved at the 3rd goal after it was past him.

I hope they have a back-up in the bubble. Longer term, what does a team do with a player who walks out like this?

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Crawford was in great form.

The game between the Flyers and Habs was so boring. About 20 shots on goal for each team and a 1-0 final from a deflected goal. Yuck.

The Islanders are going to sweep the Caps? I didn't see that coming.

Tavares who?

The Blackhawks are in salary cap he’ll after rewarding players who produced three championships. The Leafs are there without a whiff of playoff success. Scary for their fans.

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Could and should be the last game for the Bruins tonight. Defensively they have been atrocious and I'm not just picking on the 6 guys playing those positions. Forwards have not helped at all. Stupid penalties have cost them, but what to expect if you have a piece of shit on skates like Ritchie out there?

I wouldn't blame Halak but he has allowed at least one poor goal per game, which won't win the Stanley Cup. I know the Bruins have publicly said they supported Rask and his leaving the playoffs, but I'm not in agreement. These guys get paid big dollars to play, so walking away just because you're not feeling the playoff vibe is weak imo. I'm sure none of the players are enjoying life in the bubble. If I was Sweeney and Neely I'd be looking to trade him in the off-season.

The Islanders do not have the goalkeeping required to win the cup. 8 goals on 34 shots just will not cut it. Similar story in game 6 against the Flyers with 5 goals on 31 shots. Too bad because I'd rather see them win than Tampa. Normally I would go for the team who beat the Bruins but TB has horseshoes up their asses with the deflected goals.

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