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Time to start the thread that only myself, bman, thelostverse, Steve8 and sunnylea57 will post in regularly. 

The Blackhawks have plenty of scoring punch. I’m hopeful that the addition of some defensive-leaning blueliners will help what was a pitiful defense the last couple of seasons. Maybe Brent Seabrook will follow whatever regimen that brought Jonathan Toews back from the dead last year. Lehner is a great addition at goal. Hopefully he can maintain his performance level of last year; this obviously depends a bit on the team improving on the back end. If so, I can see the team extending him with Crawford hopefully deciding to retire after this campaign. I’d hate to see him risk any more concussions. The return of Andrew Shaw adds some grit that has been missing, but at the risk/expense of a lot of dumb penalties. 

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I'm ignoring this post.


But seriously, I am cautiously optimistic about this season.  I believe the top two lines will score, but will there be any depth scoring from the 3rd or 4th lines?  The potential is there certainly for the third line. but only time will tell.

As Bill said, the defense is the key.  I think Lehner was a huge pick-up based on injury history with Crawford.  de Haan and Murphy are supposed to be the shutdown pair, but I don't think they've even played a game together yet.  If they work out, and that is a big but, that would allow Keith and Seabrook to be slotted properly in the 2nd and 3rd pairings. 

Finally, I'm hoping we see Kirby Dach get into a few games before they ultimately send him back to his Junior team.  I think the concussion in the prospects tournament made the decision easier as he wasn't able to get on the ice and possibly explode onto the scene.  Give him a few games, send him back to Juniors to grow, and then see what he can do next year after another year of experience.  Keeping his contract for an additional year is an added bonus.

I'm going out on a limb here and saying the Hawks get back into the playoffs this season.  It would help if they played in just about any other division, but there is just too many excellent pieces up front and in net to miss.  Of course, I say that every year...

Drop the puck.

Go, Canucks!

 The odds makers don’t seem to have very much faith in the Canucks’ ability to win the 2020 Stanley Cup. Under the circumstances, I think the smart thing for me to do would be to invest all of my bitcoin money in a huge bet on this wonderfully unpredictable team. I bet on them back in ‘82 and lost, but I think I will get my money back after this season. 🙏

billhike posted:
billhike posted:

The two “star” defensemen of the teal guppies are -11 and -13. At -5, I’m hating Brent Seabrook and his contract a little less. EK makes over $4 mil more per year. For a lot longer. 

Of course then the Blackhawks shit the bed against them.

The Hawks had a lot of bad puck luck last night defensively, and they compounded that with an offense that looked inept and disinterested for 57 minutes.  Then they scored two goals in a 1:08 span and are surprised the last three minutes of the game weren't enough. 

I'm still cautiously optimistic at this point, but I'd be leaning on Lehner more than Crawford right now.  Although, Crawford looked really good after he came back from the concussion protocol evaluation in the game against the Kings Saturday night. 

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