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Thankfully the Blackhawks opened against a crap team, allowing them to come from behind in overtime. Without a top tier goalie for now, their inability to clear the puck from their zone will be ugly. 

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One game in and the Rat in Boston is already back to being an idiot again.  Granted Eller shouldnt have showboated in front of the bench, but Marchand is not someone who can say he was taking the high ground for enforcing poor sportsmanship.  Max Domi breaking ekbalds nose becuase he didnt want to fight wasnt much better.

I'm surprised he didnt lick Eller.

Go Leafs Go.

Don’t forget about Tom Wilson. He shouldn’t have been allowed at the banner-raising ceremony if he was on active suspension, IMO. That may have been the strongest possible message. Instead, a knee on knee season ender or bad concussion might be what that scumbag needs.

I'm ready for the 2018/2019 Stanley Cup Champion Lightning to finally play their first game on Saturday against the Panthers.

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csm posted:

Folks in Toronto planning the parade already after a 1 goal win over an awful Habs team.  Hilarious.

That Hawks/Maple Leafs game over the weekend reminded me of the Oilers back in 1980's.  Neither team minded giving up 6 goals because they knew they could score 7.  Fun game to watch as a fan, but the kind of game that will make coaches old in a hurry.

I'll reserve comment on the apparently resurgent Hawks until we see if Crawford will indeed return next week. 

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robsutherland posted:

Yeah that game (and the Stars last night) is very entertaining hockey! I think Toronto will score 300+ goals this year. 

They better, because they are going to give up 290!

Congrats to Jumbo Joe on goal #400.

F Tom Wilson. Once again a continually dirty player gets a suspension reduced. May he take a puck to the face.

F Stan Bowman while I’m at it. 

I watched the Hawks last night.  I can't believe how slow they are and how they don't really want the puck ever.  It was a sad affair despite the fact that they won 1-0

Montreal is a pleasant surprise.  I'm thinking 30% chance of playoffs, but that's much better than I had in mind coming into this season.  They are fast and young and they know how to score.  Too bad Price can't play goalie anymore.

grossie posted:

Too bad Price can't play goalie anymore.

and those 43 saves he made last night to beat the flames were just good luck?  Dont get me wrong - my 2nd favourite team in the league is whoever is playing the habs but Price is still one of the best in the game.  He needs competent D in front of him so he isnt forced to make 43 saves a night.

VeV- Price's best game of the year by far, he stole a game for his team, first time this season.  Other than last night his save percentage has been .892 on the year.  Say what you want about defence, but that is a bad number for a top goalie.  I'm hoping he is turning things around.

Vinoevelo, I'm with you on the 2nd favourite team.

The knives are definitely out for Price around here. I love it when the pundits start pointing fingers, especially when it's a franchise player.

well...  maybe they'll trade him for Luongo... 

(i apologize if there's an older goaltender with a longer more burdensome contract out there, but this was the first guy i thought Bergevin would look to based on that Subban/Weber deal)

billhike posted:

Curious to know if any of those knives point towards Bergevin? 

They were at the end of last season and during the summer, but Price's back is a bigger target now.

Price now has 2 good games in a row, hopefully he'll be back to his old ways.  I don't think anyone is really clamoring for his head just yet, but it's worrisome when your best player is playing that badly.

FWIW I still like the Subban for Weber trade.  How's PK doing in Nashville?  How are his teammates liking him?  Is he getting along better with management?  He is highly skilled but a royal pain in the ass, it's all about the PK show with PK, the problems are well-documented.   It's an interesting situation, I think it's still TBD. 


i think i've finally hit the point that i've been so inundated with what Nylander is doing, where he's skating, what he's eating, what airport his agent is at, what his dad thinks, what Babs thinks that i dont even care anymore.  

Mark it dude.

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