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The initial ruling is 6 game ban for Deshaun Watson. With a talented roster, Jacoby Brisset could pick up a few wins and keep them in the hunt for playoffs if Watson returns to his old form. I hope he has forgotten how to throw a football and the Browns go down in flames. I'm glad that I found a way to watch live sports on a firestick after cutting the cord.

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I've been super pressed for time.  I have a new day job lined up and harvest has started - blah blah blah.

Remember you don't know anything until after week 4.

Turn over margin change, which is I think the best predictor of improvement or decline has the Cowboys, Cardinals, and Vikings as most likely to decline this year and a surprise to me the Titans as most likely to improve.

Remember a couple years ago when I won a beer off Bill betting the 12-4 Bears would not win 10 games?  They went 8-8.  The 2021 Cowboys have almost the same regression numbers as those Bears.  The Bears had a +20 margin change and 5 defensive touchdowns.  The Boys had a +17 margin change and 5 defensive touchdowns.  Even before Dak went down I would have called this a 9 win team at best.

Honestly I think the Brown shit themselves massively.  My limited times watching Watson on the field he was a typical run around and make exciting things happen average QB.  His accuracy is poor on passes when it matters and his decision making on the field mirrors his decision making off the field.

You put that in with first class talent and good coaching and yeah it's a playoff team.  The Brown finally have decent coaching, I wouldn't call it good until the penalties get better, but it's decent.  They had great talent around the field but that's already bleeding off with salary cap casualties. 

It's the exact opposite of what you want to do.  If you have a QB off his rookie contract exploding your cap and causing you to loose veteran talent you want to make sure that QB is top 5 and playing all the time.  You need 1st round draft picks because you're losing great players every season to the cap.  The Browns got none of that.

They basically traded the #1 pick in the draft for a $260 million dollar headache no 1st round picks and got a 6th round draft pick as compensation.

The Bills look amazing, or maybe the Rams suck.  Maybe both.  What sucks is the Rams and Chargers play 17 games on the road every year.

I got the Boys and Browns out of my system.  Honestly the Niners Trey Lance thing, that smells like a Browns Jags type of move.  I just can't bring myself to write it all out yet.

In other highlights Mr Potato Head looked timid, cautious and worried through 3 quarters Sunday.  Almost like Sean Payton beat all the bad decisions out of him so hard he couldn't make any decisions.  Then he lights up the 4th quarter like he's a superstar.  If the Saints get two quarters a game out of him like that every game they win 12-13 games.  But he is Mr Potato Head, and I'd never bet on that.

I need to spend some time looking at schedules.  I can't figure out why everyone loves the Colts and hates the Titans.  I watched a lot of Matt Ryan the last few years, and he's an upgrade from Wentz but not a 'we got the division wrapped up' upgrade.  The Titans won 8 games against teams with winning records last year.  The Rams won 4.  4 is not unusual for good teams.  The Titans also had a turnover margin off their pattern last year to the negative.  If that corrects, they win 12 games pretty easy and they get the Jags and Texans twice. 

Russell Wilson is being over coached.  I know that much after week one.  Get him a play, the option at the line is 'run around like at recess'.  Don't get more complicated than that and you'll win some games.

I'll try and get something together next week on the games I watched. 

Russell Wilson is being over coached.  I know that much after week one.  Get him a play, the option at the line is 'run around like at recess'.  Don't get more complicated than that and you'll win some games.

This was definitely a coach's battle, and Pete Carroll brought 28 years of NFL experience and 19 years of collegiate into it. Nathaniel Hackett is now 0-1 in his Head Coach career.

I guess the good news is I get to put off for an entire year how f'ed up I thought taking Lance 3rd overall was.  Now we're back to a more predictable scenario of knowing when the game is on the line and you need great QB play Jimmy G is going to suck it up.

It took exactly 7 quarters for Mr Potatohead to forget everything Sean Payton tried to teach him.  It was exactly like watching those pre-Brady Bucs, great defense, solid running game, good blocking, and a completely incompetent maniac at QB.  It's going to be a long painful season in Nola.  By the way, only tourists say 'Naw'lins'.

Thursday night I thought a healthy Herbert would have beat the Chiefs.  What really needed to happen was someone beat Kirk Dumbstriet.  Making jokes about Al Michaels age over and over again is like making fun of grandma at Thanksgiving dinner.  You should just be grateful you got an invite you little twerp.  My video quality was just ok.  Think I'll have to watch the games on a slight delay.

I got to watch the end of the Raiders game in a new brewery in Gilroy full of Raider Nations fans.  They were being their usual selfs which made them sulking out the door at the end, so much better.  Still not up to the crying Cowboy fans, but fun.

The 3 night games were turds.  Almost unwatchable.  Monday the girls all went to see Justin Moore so I had a few of the guys over and we drank beer and had Duck Confit and New York Steaks, which believe me was more exciting than the games.  The Bills are fun to watch in a beat down kind of way, but only for so long.  2-0 vs a super bowl champ and last years top seed in the AFC is damn impressive.  It's all areas of the game also, not like when the Chiefs went on a crazy start but you knew their defense and coaching would catch up with them.

How did the 49ers lose to the Bears?  Justin Fields still has all 5 major problems, and none are getting better.

Looks like I was right about Matt Ryan and the Colts.  Everyone's sexy pre-season favorite in the AFC South is a dog with fleas.  I could talk about what's wrong with the Bengals, but its obvious and everyone is doing it.  The real answer though is luck is not repeatable, sustainable or a strategy. 

Maybe a little time on the Broncos, DangerRuss and some coaches son.  The way teams pick head coaches continues to be a shit show.  I mean you basically have three assets.  1) you have good 'pedigree'.  So do French Bulldogs and you have to wipe their asses with a napkin every time they take a dump.  2) Your'e friends with Aaron Rodgers, which at this point we all have to say is more than a little creepy. 3) You once lead Blake Bortles to the playoffs in a complete fluke of a season.

I remember writing here about that Jags season and the crash afterwards.  I called out in particular how bad the coaching, game planning and play calling was.  Some of the worst I can remember.  That's your'e resume?  I got lucky one year with Blake Bortles?  I bet there's at least one Applebees waitress who can claim she should be a head coach also based on that.

Russ is as Russ does.  Man I took a lot of crap for putting him in a group of 'average' QBs.  My dig is, was and always will be, he's un-coachable.  He doesn't do anything at the line of scrimmage to manage the game, and his check down option has always been, run around like crazy and hope my strong arm saves the day.  He doesn't make his teammates better, in a way that Brady or Rodgers do every game.  He wins enough, he puts up big numbers, but in the end he's not elite in a top 5 way.   A couple years ago I said when his mobility goes, he'll fall off a cliff.  I don't think we're there yet, but you can see the cliff from where he's at.

Steelers and Browns tonight.  It looks like a dogfight to see if the AFC South, NFC South or AFC North is the worst division in football.  Pretty impressive by those groups to take the NFC East out of the conversation.

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