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I don't really know who Bill Belichick is but I salute him.

"New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick won’t accept the Presidential Medal of Freedom he was scheduled to receive from President Donald Trump, he announced Monday."

Hard to believe you don’t know who he is. If true, then man you know how to ignore sports. Assuming you have heard of Tom Brady, this is the coach that benefited from TB to the tune of 6 Super Bowl rings. And BB is kind of a dick.

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@billhike posted:

Hard to believe you don’t know who he is. If true, then man you know how to ignore sports. Assuming you have heard of Tom Brady, this is the coach that benefited from TB to the tune of 6 Super Bowl rings. And BB is kind of a dick.

I am very upset that Annika and Gary showed up for the award, just after the riots,   Sad for the sport.  Gary's son, Marc, came out against it yesterday.

Also a slap on the wrist.  The R&A will not schedule any events on Trump facility, in the foreseeable future.   All we need now is for the USGA to get a backbone

@billhike posted:

Hard to believe you don’t know who he is. If true, then man you know how to ignore sports. Assuming you have heard of Tom Brady, this is the coach that benefited from TB to the tune of 6 Super Bowl rings. And BB is kind of a dick.

If you said to me just his name I would need more of a hint to come up with who he is. I guess he was a Trumper who needed to be "talked down from the ledge" of accepting the medal.

He claimed Trump has been a personal friend for years and he knows nothing and cares nothing about politics.  I rather believe him given he has a history of not talking about anything ever except the next game the Patriots are playing.  If there's a job in this country than demands as it's entry, complete myopia on all things other than task at hand, it's head football coach.  Nike Nolan remember can't even add to 12.

His statement was obviously crafted for him.  It was probably longer and more in depth than anything he's said in a press conference in 20 years.

As everyone knows, the Ravens actually won the game last night.  The referees counted the points incorrectly. Football Fraud. We should file suit and demand a recount, because the Ravens won by a lot.

It was the greatest win ever. HUGE win.  The two field goal attempts that hit the uprights were actually good, because Buffalo had fraudulently built a misleading set of goal posts with the uprights too close together.

Football is the greatest game.   

I did get about 1/2 of each of the early games and both of the late games.  I think the 4 best teams made it through. 

I can say I was wrong about McDermott based on the Peterman thing.  Sometimes getting to see just a little of a team it's easy to get wrong conclusions. 

All four of these teams came in pretty healthy and that's huge this time of year when the teams get to be more evenly matched.  I think we will have two good games and a good Super Bowl.

You know over in the college football thread there's so much love for the SEC and the players coming out of the deep south, but three of the four quarterbacks left standing are from Northern California.  I like Josh Allen more every time I see him.

Sad ending for the Saints.  For 15 years the fate of the team has laid with the defense.  The offense could always perform and put huge points on the board.  How far the team went always came down to how well the defense played.  From the Super Bowl interception to the Minnesota Miracle.  When the defense was horrible under Williams, it almost wrecked the franchise, but the offense held the team together.

Then in 2020 they have the best defense they've had in those 15 years, and maybe the best defense in the league, and the offense implodes.  I hope Brees comes back, but the reality is if he does, he's very unlikely to play 16 full games.

Finally I read a long piece in Bleacher Report summarizing the coaching and GM changes around the league.  Each one had an in depth multi paragraph assessment of the outgoing coach and what went wrong.  Then you got to the Jets and the entire summary was:

"Adam Gase is terrible"

I'll set officiating aside at the end of the Pack-Bucs game because in the end it really wasn't the key factor.

LaFleur and McDermott showed why finding a really great coach is such a hard thing in the NFL.   In the end they both folded in their hands like pathetic bonks, afraid to let their teams try to win. 

Honestly I think what finely got Andy Reid a Super Bowl was he got out of his own stupid way trying to manage a game.  He did everything else well a coach should do but for years he struggled with in game decisions and adjustments. 

I mean that's part of the process though.  You rise up the coaching ranks by not pissing off anyone above you.  Make the safe choice, do as your told, conform.  Put in a position where bold decisions might need to be made and these guys literally have no experience making them.  They do what's safe.

For the Bills the reality was to have any shot against the best team in football they had to keep up with them.  They had to score at least 30 points.  The decision process going in should have been "Inside the 20, we go for it, field goals don't help us".  Instead they whimpered out the door.

The Pack, man I feel for Aaron Rodgers.  He's the smartest guy in the room and all his 'bosses' are not.  I've used that example before, we've all had jobs with a dumb boss, Aaron Rodgers has a job where everyone up the command chain is dumber by a lot than him.

Under what process do you decide to take the ball out of the hands of a Hall of Fame Quarterback having an MVP year with the game and season on the line?  Not just take it out of his hands but give it to a kicker and a defense that are pretty average?  Oh, and let's throw in you're giving the ball to the greatest quarterback who has ever lived with a good team and only two minutes left.  Really what the fuck process did Matt LaFleur use to make that decision?  As the game was on I thought: "No more Mike Nolan can't add to 12 jokes, Matt LaFleur can't add to 8."

Praise to Brady and the Bucs though.  I knew that was a good team going in but I didn't think they could get past the Pack, Hawks and Saints in the NFC and they did.  Never underestimate what Tom Brady can do I guess.

At just the most simple level the odds of winning a Super Bowl are one every 32 years, so I can't say 2 is a failure. 

I think Carson Wentz will be called a failed draft pick and a bust, but how can you really say that?  He won a Super Bowl, that's the goal and he was a success.   

Sean Payton is widely regarded as a great coach but he really had no control over the defensive half of the game for his first 10 years.  Had he, the Saints would likely have had more Super Bowl wins.

Obviously you could say I have some prejudice but I don't think Green Bay has had a good coach since Mike Holmgren left in 1998.  Hard to win a Super Bowl without having a good coach in 20+ years, and they did manage one.  I think Aaron Rodgers knows that and it comes out in his comments. 

When a great QB gets to this stage of his career and development the franchise and coaches really just need to get the hell out of the way.  I watched Tampa a lot this year and it started with Arians trying to put his 'system' in place on top of Tom Brady.  Tom Brady has never been able to throw a deep out and Arians was force feeding those for instance.  Around game 5-6, I saw Brady just starting to change plays he didn't like and by game 10-11 Arians finally just got out of the way.  Basically Brady just started ignoring his coach, which was a smart thing to do.

Think of Payton Manning at the end of his career in Denver.  Run this dialog through using Manning's accent:


Elway: "Hey Payton, we are thinking of promoting Adam Gase to OC, is that ok with you."

Manning: "Sure man, whatever.  Which one is he?  Does he already work here?"

Elway: "Yeah he's your QB coach"

Manning:  "We have a QB's coach?"

Elway: "Yeah he's the guy who brings donuts to the film session."

Manning: "Oh yeah man, the donut guy, I love that guy.  He brings great donuts."

Perfect coach for a HOF QB at the end of his career.  Just don't hire the guy for anything other than fetching donuts is the moral of the story.

I guess to wrap up the season the number one thing is don't underestimate Tom Brady ever.

In the Super Bowl Bruce Arians channeled his best Bill Belichick, or really Todd Bowles did.  Put an extreme plan together to shut down one part of the opponents game and dare them to change their game plan.  Rush 4, cover 7 with three deep and dare the Chiefs to run the ball or throw underneath.  Mahomes running for 6-7 yards over and over?  Go for it, we dare you to stick with that.

In the end Andy Reid is Andy Reid and will always be Andy Reid.  I wrote it last year, great coaches make changes at half time, and genius coaches can do it in game on the fly.  Andy Reid makes them in the offseason.  Maybe a lot of hubris on the Chiefs part to come in so unready to make changes or have an alternate play set to put in coming in to the game, especially knowing they were weak on the O-line.

It was a fun season, and I liked having games through the week.  Who didn't love Tuesday night football?  It was great to see some dead franchises - Fins, Bills and Browns in particular doing well and looking like the improvements will stick.  Stefania has her count down app going on her phone.  IT tells her every day how many days until kick off.  Until then baseball in the background it is.

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