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Originally posted by Juicy:

Comparison of Kaep vs. Jimmy G

Blake Bortles has great stats too, he sucks. I watched all ffive of Kaps last games and all five of JimmyG's. Not even f-in close. Kap still could not read defenses, check off plays, stay in the pocket, step up under pressure, get off the snap count or throw with any touch at all. Basically he's made no progress or change in his game since 2011. To quote Tony Romo: "It's a copy cat league". Defenses figures out Kap and he's never made any adjustments back. His last season stats where exactly like Bortles (up until last year), picking up yards and completions in garbage time against defenses protecting 3 touchdown leads.
Originally posted by indybob:
Will anyone take a chance on Kaepernick?

Nope, nope, nope.

Seahawks offered him a workout. Not an job offer, just a workout to look him over. But they wanted to know what his plans were going to be. (Subtle way of asking if he still plans on being a disruptive influence, I guess.) He indicated that he couldn't say, so they dis-invited him to the workout.
So myself, I'm pissed that they even offered him that. 90% of the 12's can't stand him, but the Hawks front office seems to be tone-deaf to that.
Originally posted by gigabit:
Originally posted by patespo1:
Hopefully not Mayfield

Allow me to offer my semi-heartfelt condolences, Pat.

I'm still in shock. After two years of accumulating picks, Mayfield is what they come up with? Obviously I hope I am wrong but I much preferred Darnold, and even Rosen. Only silver lining is they didn't go with Allen.

As for the Ward pick, they needed CB help, he was the best in the draft, they have amazing receivers in their division, so I get the pick. But pairing Chubb with Myles Garrett would've been really, really fun to watch.

They have two of the first three picks in Round 2, and there is plenty of talent left. They need to hit on these two picks (and not trade out!).
Originally posted by DoubleD:
Shaquem Griffin, a defensive linemam and born with a defective left arm which resulted in his hand being amputated when he was a kid, was drafted by the Seahawks. If he makes the team, he will join his twin brother who was drafted last year. Great story. Hope he makes an impact like Jim Abbott with baseball.

When he was 4 years old his mother found him in the kitchen one morning trying to cut off his own hand due to the pain. They had it amputated the next day.

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