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Hello wine lovers,

I'm new to this forum so I wanted to introduce myself.

I'm George from Georgia (the country). People in Georgia say that it is the motherland of wine making. So I kinda always felt inborn connection to the wine world. My favorite wine is Kindzmarauli - it is Georgian red with amazingly rich taste. Must try if haven't yet!

In attempt to bring little innovations to wine industry I've recently started my business. It's an internet business, we basically help wine professionals find each other to build partnerships and do business. Visit if interested.

With the help of this forum I primarily hope to go deeper in wine tasting, collecting and generally learn more about wine itself as just for now I'm fully plunged into wine business and cooperation with professionals from the industry, so frankly speaking additional insights and advice from professional community will do lots of good for me.

I've already found a lot of valuable information surfing through this forum and from my side, I also hope to bring interesting news, events and business offers to Winespectator forum from time to time.

Thank you!

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