Newark: December 15th 2012

There is a very good possibility that I will be in Newark for meetings the weekend of December 14th-16th. The Friday is probably tied up for a reception and meet and greet.

I realize it's close to the holidays, but tentatively, is there any interest in an offline?
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Originally posted by DoubleD:
If it is Newark, NJ, let us know and I'll come pick you up for an offline elsewhere. There are decent Portuguese/Spanish/Brazilian restaurants in the area, but they are never BYO friendly.

and i certainly don't want to worry about my car, or worry about wearing my bulletproof vest.
Cool. If you don't want to stay near the office in Newark, NYC is a great option. There are a couple of easy commuting options between the two cities -- PATH and NJ Transit.

As of right now, either of those evenings work for me.

As for locations, NYC is central for the group but there are some good options in northern NJ as well.
There will be big time happenings in Newark that weekend. Two shows by the Rolling Stones, the 13th and 15th, going to both, makes the 14th open. Take the train from Newark to Cranford, Pairings Restaurant, couple stops from Newark, DoubleD will attest.
Looks like I have to cancel. I'll be in Newark for less than 24hrs. The sponsors have organized an advisory board member meeting on Friday evening, and I depart Saturday afternoon.
Sorry for creating any false hope, but we'll have to re-organize for another time.
Originally posted by Darcy:
Don't think I'll be able to join you, as I'll be in NYC (SoHo) but if any of you happen to be in NYC, pls do drop a line.

Hey, we're always looking for a reason to get together. Can you the 16th in case the 15th is difficult for folks?

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