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Looks great, g-man, but I learned that authentic might not be exactly what I might want after a place in Elmhurst where I ordered pig intestine in hot pot.

haha it's actually a full mix of both

there's definitely some regular proteins but all very well prepared. I met the owner and struck up fun convo because it turned out we worked at the same firm together. Ended up going down the menu and ordering a good chunk of everything. (like 20 things) Definitely one of the few restaurants that really stood out to me in recent memory
Avoid the pretentious and pushy staff at carravagio Italian restaurant. The entrees sucked, were completely overpriced but the mushroom risotto was pretty good but not on the menu. The decor is nice and definitely a place to be seen for New Yorker elite. Too bad most of battali's restos were closed on thanksgiving.
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In the process of planning a trip to Manhattan. Have made dinner plans for Le Bernardin and lunch at Gordon Ramsey. Would appreciate any recos for additional dining and/or shows etc.

My 2 cents is Ramsey's restaurants are overrated. I'd rather go to Eleven Madison Park or Jean Georges for your high-end lunch fix.

Others I've found interesting are Marea and Maialino for Italian and Yasuda and 15 East for Japanese.

Off the beaten path, we found Jungsik, a Korean Fine dining restaurant that's more like French-Spanish fusion with Korean ingredients and flavors. Quite interesting and not like anything we've had before. We ordered the tasting menu and there were a couple of "wow" dishes that surprised us. Excellent overall.
I would also skip Ramsey in New York. I have not tried that location, but other than his flagship 3 star in London, I have not loved any of his other restaurants. I would second Marea. Fantastic fresh seafood and perfect for lunch.

Would also recommend Jean George for lunch or the bar room at the Modern. Have heard great things about Minetta Tavern. Eataly is a fun place to have lunch. Lots of tasty options.

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