What a splendid evening we had at Charlie Trotter's!

The food, wine, decor; service - simply marvelous!

My friend & I enjoyed a nine course feast preceded with a trio of plated canapes such as Crisp Kohada with Wasabi Infused Celery Root & Nori - delicious!

Other Highlights: Smoked Sturgeon, Iranian Osetra Caviar, Poached Breast of Squab with Pomegrante, and my favorite - Merlot Braised Wagyu Short Ribs with Matsutake Mushrooms & Crisp Salsify.

In addition, one of several delicious wines: A Kabinett Riesling from the Rheingau.

Lovely music & a fine tour of the restaurant.

An impeccable evening!
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DebAnne: Sounds wonderful, and you even got your favorite---a Reisling.


"Life is short.....start with the dessert."
Deb, I'm glad your experience there was far better than ours. I kept my fingers crossed for you.

Just one more sip.
Sounds great. My last dining experience there was like eating in church. No fun at all. Very stuffy tribute to High Priest Charlie.

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