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Hello, first post on this forun.
A week or so before Christmas I decided to learn to like wine, I've never liked it, but I have on prevous ocations learned to like Whisky and Beer, I'm now a big whisky fan.

I have tried before to like wine, but I had never ever been able to finish a single glass, it was just to sour, I've grown up with coke and pepsi, so wine has never been my thing.

But I'm a big boy now and need to drink grown up stuff, I was also intriged by the concept of wine how it's supose to be very layerd, lots of taste and smell and how it's supose to inhance food.

So I got a bottle of chardonnay, it was not my cup of tea but I did get through the one glass, which I had never done before.

Not put off I bought who more bottles, one on recomendation online of a sweet risling, and another based on the recomendation of the guy at the store, I bought a bottle of Pedro Del Castilio Melbec, I made saturday dinner, a nice stake, with fries and gravy. And I poured one glass, but had problems and I ended up just drinking coke with the dinner. The day after I tried the wine agian with some dark chocolate and it was very good. And before I knew it, the bottle was empty.

So Christmas came and went, and I was dog sitting and house sitting for my parents, and I got a bottle of Alamos that I could try with dinner, the dinner was turkey left over in greavy with mashed potatoes. And this time it went simmingly, the wine was perfect to the food, and the wine inchanced the food just like I had read about it was supose to happen.

So Now I have another bottle of wine, which I took a couple of glasses of to pizza and now I'm drinking the same wine just to have something good to drink on a late sunday eveing.

So yes, I've learned to like wine, but here's the reason for the post, I need other wines to try, White or Red, but mostly red, all 3 wines I've tried now have all been "easy to like" type wines or entry wines, I'm looking to try something mabye a little more uniqe, something that is not nessaseraly easy to like, but please not the most sour of sour wines.

Also price is a factor, all 3 of these wines have been in the price range of $15-20 So I'm not ready for a $50+ bottle, and remember I live in norway so any $20 bottle of wine in the US is probebly 30 or 40 dollars in norway.
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