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Hello, I'm basically brand new to wine. I've been drinking less than 6 months. I've read a few beginner books, so I'm fairly familiar with wine origins and how the whole system works. Love wine so far and I've totally caught the "wine bug".

So this is what I need help with... I'm recently engaged and the wedding is set for September 2010. I want to do something pretty special for my future wife/fiance. On February 1st we will have been officially dating for 2 years. I imagine the first part of the day going something like this:

"Hey babe, we're going to the wine store. I have something special planned for you." And off to the wine store we go.
Having a pre-made list, we select and purchase 10 wines.

So these 10 wines are what I need help with. Being very new to wine (and her having absolutely no experience, but enthusiastic about getting into it) I need help with what these wines should be. Below are the list of wines and their purpose:
1 - A champagne that we will open this day to celebrate our 2 years officially together
2 - Another champagne that we will open on our wedding day
3 - A wine we will open for our 1 year anniversary
4 - A wine we will open for our 2 year anniversary
5 - A wine we will open for our 3 year anniversary
6 - A wine we will open for our 4 year anniversary
7 - A wine we will open for our 5 year anniversary
8 - A wine we will open for our 10 year anniversary
9 - A wine we will open for our 25 year anniversary
10 - A wine we will open for our 50 year anniversary

I'm open to replace any wine with champagne, but would like a little variety so we have a different wine/champagne each occasion. My total budget for all 10 wines will be roughly $200-400. I also need to buy a little mini wine cellar. We live in an apartment right now. I need a good recommendation for something to keep these wines in until we have a real wine cellar in our house.

Any help is much appreciated. All I can tell you right now is that we both like White Zinfandel, but we try a new type of wine usually every week or so. I'm really focusing on french wines for the next month. But really, I'm open to buy any good recommendations you might have for later use.
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You might want to search. This topic has been discussed before, quite a few times.

Synopsis: It sounds like a nice, romantic idea, but it's not going to work the way you think.

It's actually more romantic if you think about it to have the same wine each year. And if you pick a non-vintage Champagne you can buy it fresh each year without having to worry about storage.

I'd go with something like Billecart-Salmon Rose.
Dave is absolutely right. There are too many reasons this isn't going to work like you think. Run a search on the discussions.

Congratulations by the way, but I think you are just too excited and getting ahead of yourself. My recommendation is, comeback 3 years later, and ask "I was married in 2010, what good wines were made in that year? thanks." But there is a good chance you will already know what you want by then.
I've searched a bit, but I couldn't find what I was looking for. Any tips to help me on my search here?

Also, I'm ordering a wine enthusiast 12 bottle keeper. Something like that should work until I have a real cellar right?

If I follow Dave's advice, I'm worried on things like I won't be able to find the same wine each year. This really is that bad of an idea?

Thanks so far for the advice, although its a little of a damper on what I had planned, it is still appreciated.
Originally posted by Javrixx:
Hello, I'm basically brand new to wine.
So this is what I need help with... I'm recently engaged and the wedding is set for September 2010. I want to do something pretty special for my future wife/fiance. A champagne that we will open on our wedding day
I'm thinking this is what is most important. As others have mentioned, your thinking too far out and your budget will have changed dramatically over the years. If you want to do something "special", then I would suggest taking your $400 and sourcing a bottle of Krug champagne for your wedding day, just for the two of you. As you are "new" to wine, this may seem like a small fortune for one bottle, but something "very special" that you will be able to reflect on as you gain further appreciation for wine. But beware, you will have set the bar very high for yourself; Krug is more than a champagne, it's an experience!
Agreed with most everything said already. Simply going to your local wine store and picking up a bunch of semi-random bottles has very little romance or memories tied to it and you are really comprimised by your budget when talking about 10 wines.
Just a thought if you are just getting into wine, on your first anniversary head to wine country for a few days. You'll undoubtedly fall in love with at least one spot. Ask them to recommend one of their wines that will be drinking perfectly in 4 years. Open it on your five year anniversary and you'll have lots of memories to reminisce over. While waiting for 2015 stock up on 2010 vintage wines from your favorite region(s) and open those on subsequent anniversaries.

This is what we did and so far I'm very happy with it. Lucky for us 2005 was a good year in multiple parts of the world.
What a romantic idea. I love the thought behind this but also agree with the others that it probably isn't so practical. Take the money that you would have spent and buy three or four special bottles to drink today, on your wedding day and the next few anniversary's. In the next few years, you'll have a better idea of what you like and you will be able to buy a few more special wines together that will actually age.
Hehe, thanks for the vote of support Cellar.

I understand $400 probably isn't a lot for all of this, but I know my fiance will really really like the idea.

I might just have to settle for a little of both. Buy a few bottles now for the near future, but finish the rest on our one year anniversary or something.

Thanks for the advice all.

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