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We did the Grand Tasting menu at Avenues at the Peninsula Hotel in Chicago last weekend. I'm going to write up the dinner another thread, however, the weird but winning pairing award went to:

Kangaroo Carpaccio cured in Fenugreek and Black Pepper with Melon Noodles, Lime Caramel, and Eucalyptus Cream paired with 2001 Prager Riesling Steinriegl

Truly outstanding.


The roots of cat tails are edible, but I don't know how good.
Originally posted by Ron Natalie:
Fried cat tails? Is that like ox tails? Or is it the fluffy stuff (sort of gets stuck in my throat).

You can keep the roo meat. I've never found it prepared anyway that was the least bit palatable.

In some countries they eat these animals.

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