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The Wine Wizard is going to flake on this dinner tonight ? I'm sure I am not alone on here in reading all the threads leading up to this mythical dinner with the one and only Wiz himself. I have began to think of him as an enigma.

First question, who thinks he wont show to the dinner tonight ?

Second question, who wants him to be real and show up ?

As, for myself I think he wont show up because of some lame excuse. Secondly I want him to be real and show up. What are your thoughts on this ?

I just hope some poser doesnt show up and claim he is the one and only. What if it turns out to be Suckling ?
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There is NO way Suckling would waste his time with the numerous posts WW has put in. I am now thinking the WW may be a bankrupt and lonely person, that between re-runs of Wheel-of-Fortune, plunks away as he has nothing better to do. Mad


He is a truly ingeneous guy that can put on a great joke and still keep up guessing.

I hope he is the latter. Smile

some on the board may have a little more history with this WW and may have a better insight into the WW Wink

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