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Hello. I'm a brand new member whom after days of scouring the internet unsuccessfully looking for my answer, figured I would ask you folks here for some guidance.

I recently had to clear out my grandfathers house after he died, and in his basement cellar area, he had some old bottles of mainly hard booze, which I have a decent grasp on what they are, and an idea of value. However, I came across one bottle of wine that was in its own box(not original, just a plain box). He was never a wine drinker, nor am I, so I was kind of fascinated at why he would of even had it to begin with, but wondered if it had any value at all, or if I should just give it to a friend who could enjoy it. To my knowledge no one has been in this cellar area for at least 25 years, so I know it has sat in a dark cool place for at least that long if that helps at all. I'm attaching an image of it(trying to at least, hope it works). Sorry if this is a silly question and wasting your look if it is totally worthless. I guess it's really unraveling the mystery of this bottle more than anything for me, and curious as to why he had gone to such measures to safely store it. Thank you in advance for any help offered.

Have a great day!

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Kind of a puzzling wine to keep for that long.

It's from Minervois, an area in the south of France that makes pretty ordinary wine. The wine was probably best between 1972 and 1975. and cost under $3 originally. The wine was bought in bulk or barrel by a bottler in Bordeaux who bottled it. Not uncommon at that time for that area as the wine sold for so little the producers often could not afford to bottle it.

The particular Chateau where the wine is made is for sale.
Tim - Stephanie gave you all the pertinent info.

I would bet that the wine was a gift of some type. The chateau is selling condos that come with an ownership share in the vineyard, so the vineyard isn't something that a producer would pay big money for, which tells you something.

Also, as mentioned, the wine was probably at its best a couple years after bottling. It's most likely a Grenache blend from a time when the region produced mostly simple bistro wine, not for keeping.

You might want to try it just for kicks though.

As Fats Waller said,

"One never knows.

Do one?

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