Hi folks!

I thought I'd take a minute to introduce myself since I'm new to this forum.

I come to this forum as one of my 2013 goals was to learn and enjoy more about wine; I set really lofty personal goals for myself... For the last eight or so years I was really in to the craft beer movement. I home brewed during my senior year of college (2008) and have sampled probably over 2,000+ different craft beers. During 2012 I found my craft beer hobby was realizing the law of diminishing returns, and I was in the mood to try something new. I don't like tequila and it would probably be far too destructive if I took up single malt scotch as a hobby this early in my life, so naturally I landed on wine.

I am based in Richmond, VA which affords me easy opportunities to venture out towards the budding Virginia Wine Country in the Blue Ridge Mountains. There are some admirable wines to be found out there and the scenery is absolutely amazing. If there are any wine lovers in the mid-atlantic region that haven't been out there, I highly recommend it. I also travel a lot for work, which affords me the opportunity to eat out a lot and in turn, try different wines.

I'm currently still in the infancy of my wine hobby, so I will pretty much drink anything anyone puts in front of me simply in the name of exploration. However, I've found in the last 7 months of having this hobby, my taste buds tend to gravitate towards:

California Zins
South Austrailian Cabs
Reds from the Montepuciano Region (Italy)
Rieslings from Alsace

I've also been known to pound an inexpensive Bordeaux to three on those particularly trying evenings when I'm trying to forget about something.

I apologize for the extended essay, but that's me. Looking forward to participating in this forum with you folks!


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I set really lofty personal goals for myself... For the last eight or so years I was really in to the craft beer movement

Lofty personal goals . . .

learn Vietnamese,
take in a foster child,
discover a cure for macular degeneration,
rid the Great Lakes of zebra mussels,
drink beer for eight years.

Hell of a list there!

Welcome. Big Grin
Rob, welcome. I enjoyed several winery visits in VA a few years ago, with Flying Fox probably being my favorite. I've learned a ton from many folks here. I also blame a few of them for drawing my tastes to higher priced bottles. Have fun exploring wine!
Thanks for all the responses back guys! I'm really looking forward to being part of the forum. I posted a response in the "What Beer Are You Drinking" thread on Friday, but the mods of the board still haven't approved it. I guess I'm on probabtion for awhile... Did you folks experience this too?

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