sunnylea57 posted:

You're not alone. I have hated the LCBO site since they redid it years ago, and have steadfastly used the Vintages site instead. For the new amalgamated site, they basically just scrapped the Vintages site and redirected traffic to the crappy LCBO site.


Ugh is right.  Only good thing about the Vintages site was it was better than the KGBO site.  This is brutal.  

futronic posted:

It's terrible, but at least they added an option to check all stores for inventory of a particular product.

That is the saviour for me, as that's pretty much my only usecase for the site. 

Would be interested to hear what everyone dislikes so much about it though... for me it suffers from the same problems that almost all sites suffer from now: too much Javascript doing stuff (which causes the site to be both really slow and miss clicks).  Also too much miscellaneous stuff popping up and taking up screen space. 

Does that line up with everyone's complaints or is there other stuff as well?

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