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Jaimetown and I had an Offline here this past night. TN's can be found in the TN section (makes sense, doesn't it?)

This restaurant is located just two blocks from my apartment, so I've been there on numerous occasions. In the past, the wait staff has seemed quite young, although, today the wait staff was a bit older (and my previous server who would always comp me has moved back to CA Frown ). One reason I keep going back to this restaurant is that it is appropriate to walk in with jeans or with a suit, in either case you wouldn't feel out of plce.

This was my worst experience at New Heights to date.

Jaimetown and I both ordered the "Duck in Syrah Reduction with Truffles" appetizer, an appetizer I had ordered before. The presntation was completely different from the last time I was there, now incorporating a phylo dough pastry which had not been present before. The duck was cooked medium-well, as opposed to the seared, medium-rare that I prefer. The sauce was still out of this world, but I never want the sauce to be the highling of the dish, in this case, with the chewy, slightly overcooked duck, it was.

My lamb was presented beautifully, but, again, while I had asked for it medium rare, it came out medium, in some parts, medium well. The lamb was served with potato pastries which had way too much nutmeg in them but also with oyster mushrooms which, while I'm still uncertain how they were cooked, were sublime. The dish matched both the Barolo and the Tua Rita Giusto di Notri perfectly.

The cheese course, for $9.50, was large and had 5 or 6 good cheeses on it. We ordered 2 cheese courses for four people and it was the perfect way to end the evening.

The chef at New Heights has become the executive chef at Butterfield 9 as well, and I fear this may be hurting New Heights. He, clearly, was not at New Heights this past night.

Still, based upon my previous experiences, and the fact that the exprience last night was good (just not great) I will certainly return to New Heights at some point. I'm just not dying to go back


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