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I am about to get married (2 weeks!), and my fiance has been asking for a wine refrigerator since we got engaged. I thought it would make a great wedding present, but I know nothing about shopping for such an appliance.

My fiance currently has about 75 bottles stored in our spare bathroom's linen closet. I know he wants something large (at least 100 bottle capacity, up to 200 if I can afford it). I don't necessarily want a furniture quality unit, though that would be nice...we live in a relatively small apartment, so whatever we get can't be tucked away and will probably reside in the living room or kitchen area.

Problem is, I don't have limitless funds to spend. If I have a budget of say, $700, do you think it would be possible to find something of reasonable quality? I have no problem with a used unit if it will hold up for a few more years, or a scratch-and-dent unit that might be a little more reasonably priced. Any suggestions about where to shop for such a unit? I'm located in Atlanta, if that makes any difference.

Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions.
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Ann, welcome.

If you run a search on "vintage + keeper" on these forums, you will find numerous comments on this manufacturer's units. It seems to be the least expensive reputable manufacturer although it would stretch your price range. I'm thinking of getting one but I haven't yet, so I can't speak from personal experience.

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ANN, one thing you must know, size matters. i'm talking about the fridge size you ultimately decide upon. Personally try and go as big as you can and then add space for more bottles. i think if you buy to small you will just end up buying a second fridge. Maybe wait until you have the space and the money for the size you will 2 cents. Good luck in your marriage.
Agree size does matter, you're looking for the most reliable bang for your buck but you've got to be far sighted and imagine your collection will double, requiring more storage space, before you know it.

I just moved to Pittsburgh from Pasadena, Ca with a collection of 250 that has grown to 350 in the last six months. My latest Haier purchase was to handle the overflow. Should have bought a bigger cellar to begin with.
Wine Enthusiast sells "cosmetic imperfections" cheaper. Here's their link:

Wine Enthusiast

But what they have now is still above your price range.

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Somebody in Texas selling a used unit for $750 (posted 12-1-03, no repies)

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This brand is expensive, but if you find a deal on Vinotheque here's some opinions on it:

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Don't forget about the possibility of renting off-site storage, might be a good solution for your lack of space:

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I didn't post a link to a wine-stat discussion because I don't think you have an extra refrigerator to convert and these might not be the best for wine. But if you do want to try converting an old refrigerator search the forum for wine-stat.

Hope this helps!


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