Nearly a year ago my wife and I went out for our anniversary and had a bottle of 2014 Jason Stephens Cabernet Sauvignon, Santa Clara Valley. I was happy that I had picked what I felt was a great wine and my wife was raving about how much she enjoyed it. We’ve tried many different varieties of reds since but she always talks about how great that wine was on our anniversary night. Luckily I was able to buy a couple bottles of this smaller producer online. I thought maybe the fun night and memories were associated with the wine we had and that maybe it wasn't as great as we remembered. A couple days ago we opened a bottle and that certainly wasn't the case

I want to buy a few bottles from the year we got married, 2013. Something that's age worthy and similar to the 2014 Jason Stephens. The wine is a blend : 76% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Merlot, 6% Malbec, 6% Petit Verdot, 2% Cabernet Franc. It's also been aged 30 months in 25% New American Oak, which I found interesting. Maybe that’s why it’s a bit different from everything else we’ve had. I was looking into Bordeaux but looks like 2013 wasn't a great year so now I'm leaning back towards California. Anyone have recommendations of an age worthy wines that fits a similar description? This is something I'd like to open in 2023 for our 10 year and perhaps another in 2033 too. Thanks!

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There are more than few gems in 2013 Bdx, but I haven't had the wine you mentioned so i'm not 100% on what it suppose to taste like.

Can you explain what you liked about it before vs the recent opening where you mentioned it didnt taste so good?  Was it too oaky?  It might have been a case where the wine entered a "dumb phase"  The fruit gets muted and the oak really shows through leaving you with this weird disjointed flavor.

in 2013, the Bdx Pomerol's were where i felt the stength was.

My understanding that 2013 were strong for italians too but you'll have to wait on the much more experienced winos here to chime in

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G-man, my reading of the original post is that he in fact liked the wine on both occasions.  Akerlera, you're in luck.  2013 was an outstanding vintage for cabernet sauvignon in and around Napa Valley.  I see that the 2013 vintage of Jason Stephens is available for about $20 per bottle.  Check out  In that price range you have many familiar names such as Robert Mondavi, Beaulieu Vineyards, and more.  Since 2013 is a back vintage, it will be difficult to find in retail stores, especially in that price range, but you can try online retailers (again, or auction sites such as  Wines in the $20 range are generally made for shorter term drinking, say 5 years or less.  For longer term drinking, consider investing in higher price wines and also be sure to store them properly:  cool, dark, and undisturbed.

then i'm going to hi jack it,

any age worthy wines that aren't generic cali reds for 20$?

Some of the rioja riservas I feel will fit this category.  absolutely delicious in the 15-25$ range

The only rational explanation I can think of for these repeated posts is that Jason Stevens winery hired someone to do SEO and one of their tactics is to spam discussion boards with posts containing the winery’s name.

And yeah, I spelled Stevens incorrectly. I’ll not contribute to their SEO efforts.

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By virtue of hiring companies to spam for your products, my suggestion is to avoid this winery like the plague.    

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