Looking for some advice.

Spouse and I are going to be in London in July, and want to take about 5 days of vacation to do something over there.   Ideas we've come up with are:

Explore England and/or Scotland; Explore Ireland; Go over to Paris; Go to Vienna and/or Prague.

Any thoughts or suggestions for a 5 day travel from London?  We can fly back from wherever we go, so we don't need to return to England.

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Without knowing where you have or haven't been before it's difficult. If you haven't been to either Scotland or Ireland, pick one and go. For the latter, fly to Shannon and check out the west coast by car. Scotland has the advantage of being able to get there by train. The west coast is also beautiful and Edinburgh is a great little city.

If you choose England, the south(west) from Dorset to Cornwall. The Lake District is also worth a trip, but if you only have 5 days you'd have to choose one.

That said, 5 days in Paris is tough to beat, but I assume you've been there.


I have been to Paris, Vienna, Prague, etc. before.

I haven't been to Ireland or Scotland, and I've only been to London and not the rest of England.  I've always wanted to see St. Michael's Mount in Cornwall ever since I read Michael Moorcock's series about Prince Corum, but seems like a long way to go just to see that.

We are tending towards going over to Ireland and just seeing that for 5 days.  Or maybe up to Scotland instead; I don't know if we could do both.

Unfortunately, 5 days is not much time. I’m assuming you have spent time in London itself in the past. A brilliant city worthy of 5 days in itself.

I would choose Ireland or Scotland if not London and only 5 days. I’m confident you will greatly enjoy either immensely. 

Safe travels. 

I don’t know where you’ve been. Personally, I think 5 days in Scotland is more than plenty — maybe spend an extra day in London and do 4 in Scotland. Ireland I don’t know about. You say you’ve already been to Paris and Central Europe, so you know what there is there for you...

What about Barcelona/Catalonia?  What about Madrid and Seville?  What about Florence/Tuscany?  You could do any of those in 5 days and have a lot of fun. 

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