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I've used this site before with great success in the past. I have reservations at the Saddle Peak Lodge. Assuming the restaurant isnt engulfed in flames as a result of the CA fires, I am going to need a reco from this list. I am looking to spend about $90 and will be eating game as will my guest.

Thanks in advance.
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I might lean toward Syrah or Petite. I have had the Stags Leap Petite recently (very nice - full disclosure - it is part of DnVsMom's portfolio). Although the list doesn't say, I must assume it is the Petite.

I have been fairly impressed with Mi Sueno in the past.

P.S. - There are quite a few typos on that list. Yes, it might be picky, but boy, does that ever bother me....
I was looking for the Italian selections, but something must be wrong with my browser or Adobe reader.

This is a suitable wine, drinking well already-

Domaine Drouhine, Williamet Vallley - 2004

-but you would think that they could spell Drouhin and Willamette correctly.

How about the Calera, can anyone vouch for that specific vineyard and vintage?

Too bad about the markups, but I guess that is to be expected.
Some great suggestions already!

I agree with the Stag's Leap, Domaine Drouhine, and Calera.

Also, the Fiddleheads tend to have a little earthiness that mates well with game meats.

The mark ups do seem a little painful, but if you want to stretch a little, the Forman cab may please you greatly.

The Heitz is marked up, but that cab is also a good pairing with game.

The Woodward Canyon cab at 100 bucks seems viable.

The Terraces zin is austere enough to hang with game, IMO. It is not overly berry-like.

The Cain Concept wines can work, too.

The 800 and 819 Jarvis wines are well balanced and would set off nicely with game meat flavors. They may be a good choice for tracking the effect of the meat on each sip of wine.

Hope I didn't overdo it.

Best wishes!
Particular bargain relative to prices on the list:

2004 Duckhorn cabernet $65 (WS 90, this retails for $50-60). Always a very well made wine and a reasonably good buy from a wine store at its retail price. This is as good as any of the $90+ bottles on the list, and probably a mistake that they've priced it at this level (for example, the Duckhorn merlot is usually slightly less expensive and is $94 on the list, which is about right).

Very safe, can't go wrong but less adventurous:

2004 Duckhorn merlot $94
2004 Chappellet cabernet $90 (assuming this is the "signature series")

More interesting and distinctive choices:

2004 Turley Zinfandel Pesenti $100. This is a complex, food-friendly and balanced Turley, notwithstanding the "over the top fruit bomb" chiches one hears about Turley. You'll love it and it will probably impress your guest a great deal.

2004 Papapietro Perry Pinot Noir Elsbree $96. Bold, spicy red fruit style of pinot which should match perfectly with the typical fruit reduction sauces on game.

Let us know what you ordered and how it was.
Originally posted by K. Patten:
Fisher Coach Insignia 2001 for $65 is a good deal.............there is a hideous amount of typos on this list, almost to the point where I wonder if they even care about the wine program.

Here are a few quick ones that are just plain sloppy:

<<Clos des Gosses

Lockwood, Rancho Sabacco

Sabta Maria


Ballentine Block 9>>

Could the Fisher price just be a typo?

The Duckhorn does sound like a great deal at $65. I wonder if that is a typo as well. $95 would put it more in line with the other selections. A good choice with the Buffalo at $65.
been there several times and love it....their list is nice but mark up of 2-3x. i have always took my own to saddlepeak and paid the corkage. last time we went..we took kongsgaard chard and jones family cab.
that being said...i see some decent pinot as well as few red tha i would pick such as:

03' crocker & starr cab franc @ $85
01' fisher coach insignia @ $65
03' outpost grenache howell mt @ $90

elk tenderloin is to die for! have a great time...

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