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While they do make dry wine in Banyuls, I'm guessing the one called for in your recipe is the more-common sweet (vin doux) version.

Banyuls really is unique, but it's fortified like Port, so an inexpensive Ruby Port should work OK for you in a recipe.

It sounds like an interesting preparation. I've only had Banyuls on its own or with chocolate. Bon chance!
What I remember about sweet Banyuls is the flavor of nuts, carmel and toffee. Which is why it is paired with chocolate.
I couldn't bear to pour that into a pot to cook, I would drink it.
Port would create a very rich flavor. How about Madiera, for the nut flavor.

Dry Banyuls is a grenache, mourvedre, carignan blend, sounds kind of like southern rhone.

Is this from Sunday Suppers at Lucques? Does the receipe imply which banyuls?

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