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I have a bottle each of Salomon Undhof Gruner Veltliner & Conundrum. I'd prefer to sample my first taste with the right meal. All suggestions are appreciated.

The Conundrum back label states that it's a blend of five different grapes but I haven't found a break down of the percentages yet. Maybe someone can inform me? I'm crossing my fingers that the Chardonnay % is somewhat low.
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Conundrum 2001 Conundrum

Winemaker's Notes
Conundrum is justly famous for its luscious, spicy fruit and velvety mouthfeel. The grapes used to make this proprietary blend-Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon, Chardonnay, Viognier and Muscat Canelli-came from the vineyard locations that our experience has shown us are best suited for each varietal in California's Napa, Marin, Monterey, Santa Barbara and Tulare counties.

The Muscat Canelli, which thrives in a warmer climate, contributes concentrated tropical, orange flower and spice aromas and flavors, while the Viognier and Sémillon add other floral notes-suggesting verbena and honeysuckle. The Chardonnay brings a lush, round mouthfeel and apple/pear and creamy butter flavors, and the Sauvignon Blanc adds body as well as notes of ripe green melon and sweet citrus.

We believe the aromas and flavors of this wine are best enjoyed when it is chilled slightly.
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Conundrum is meant to be drunk young and, frankly, while I enjoy the wine, I think it is as much a stand-alone wine as it is a food wine. Don't worry about the Chardonnay percentage, I have found the Muscat to be the most dominant grape in terms of flavor, with Viognier second. Though the wine is oaked, it is not oaky the way many Cali Chards are.

If I were to pair Conundrum with a food I would choose a white-meat fish, simply prepared, or else seafood, simply prepared. Something like a seared dover sole with extra virgin olive oil and fresh oregano might pair very well. Simply prepared lobster is also a suitable pairing, as in almost anything involving scallops.


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