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Hi all,

Wine is mostly a hobby of mine, and I have a pretty solid knowledge. I know the basics of wine-making, familiar with the world wine regions & what grows where, and how to serve wine/pair with food. I have advanced knowledge of California and French wines especially.

I have been working in wine sales for almost one year and want to grow in the industry, either continuing in sales or someday owning a wine bar/shop.

So, any thoughts on a good class? I'm currently considering the WSET though I don't know if Advanced would be over my head.
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If you have a pretty solid knowledge and even advanced knowledge of California and France, I assume you've been involved with wine a lot longer than one year - like ten or fifteen or more. So however you acquired that advanced knowledge would seem to be the way to go, unless you've lived in those places, which makes it a bit difficult to use the same method for every wine region.

No idea about the WSET as I never took any of those classes - had some friends who taught there, which is why I never took the classes, but those might be a way to go. They seem like a way to get a very general overview of many areas, although they don't really go into much depth from what I've seen.

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