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I have 2 questions regarding the 2001 Neal Family Cab. First, how much of the Napa do they usually produce? I would like to order some, but right now is not a good time to do so. Does anyone know if and when they sell out of their supply?
Also, right now it is pretty cold here in the midwest. Does anyone else worry about the cold temps the wine will certainly encounter on the trip here? I suppose it is just as cold getting shipped to a winestore and nobody ever worries about that. Just wondering. Thanks.
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Pretty cold in Lincoln now too, I'll bet.
Thanks for the reassurance about shipping. We don't have the SoCal weather, but once in a while we can pop a bottle of their wine.

Sage is one of the best restaurants we have in Des Moines. I went there for the first time about a month ago and then again the next weekend. Good wines and great food both times. Owner does seem to be a very nice guy.

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