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Originally posted by Stefania Wine:
And it seems so easy. Last night it seemed like Dallas would at least keep it close. Then I go to grab some firewood and pop another beer and the Mavs are calling timeout and down by like 18. The defending East champions and the team with the second best record in the league were just trashed by them, not even close. Last night I was actually thinking of the 98 Yankees, and the 84 49ers to think if I've seen teams this dominate.

they truly do make it look easy... and i agree about the comparisons to the 84 49ers. not just the ease with which they dominate, but they are simply a joy to watch from an entertainment perspective.
Back in my day, Rick Mahorn, Kurt Rambis, or Bill Laimbeer would've put Steph and his mouth piece into the 3rd row, end of Golden State.

Impossible to compare teams from different eras. They had a great run last season and the Cavs, down two of their 3 best players, pushed them to 6. I'm still not sold they will repeat this year (but I'm also the same guy that thought Cam Newton would be a bust, so...).
March 27, the Golden State Warriors played the Philadelphia 76ers. Going into the game, Golden State was 65-7 and Philadelphia was 9-64. This was the most lopsided win loss record match in NBA history.

Golden State won by 12 (117-105).

It was the 53th home victory for Golden State. Also, the Golden State backcourt became the first backcourt in NBA history to make 600 three point shots (at the 600 mark, Stephen Curry had 350 and Klay Thompson had 250).

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