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Originally posted by TPEwinedrinker:
you don't hear about it much, because it is RARELY done. people are still talking about Iverson stepping over Tyronn Lue damn near 15 years later... it is the ultimate form of disrespect.

Funny you mention the Iverson one...I saw ESPN had some throwback video of it on their site, and didn't remember it every happening. Probably because I watched very little of the NBA around that time. Kind of ironic that very shortly after that video was put on ESPN that Lue's team then gets involved with a similar situation.
Originally posted by Jcocktosten:
Anyone who has played basketball or any sport competitively knows that LeBron's step over maneuver had nothing to do with getting back into the play -

In the NFL, standing over a downed opponent is considered taunting and a 15 yard penalty. Yes, this is the NBA but the intent to degrade your opponent is the same.
Originally posted by DoubleD:
Originally posted by winetarelli:
Where was THAT LeBron in most of this series? That is the LeBron that can win championships. He has to want it.


It made a huge difference that Green was not out there defending.

Hopefully, Lebron and Kyrie can stay hot to force a game 7. Maybe Kevin Love will even show up in the next game!

As for the Warriors, Curry really has not been anywhere near MVP form this series. Klay outshines him every night.

Bad time for GSW to go cold. Everyone not Curry started the game 1-17 from three. They were open looks too, just not falling.

Game 7 will be very interesting, especially if Iggy is as limited as he was in game 6. Injury luck is a big part of winning a title and it looks like it has swung to Cleveland now after brutalizing them last year.
Originally posted by patespo1:
Originally posted by GlennK:
Shocking game tonight. An all time performance for Lebron. Curry got screwed on a couple calls but acted like a baby. Game 7 will be interesting.

+1 to each statement.
Nothing like a Game 7 in the NBA Finals. Go Cavs!

Watching the last 2 minutes of Game 6, it was pretty interesting that those same five players were playing a lot of minutes in last year's Finals. Although Love isn't the impact player that most people thought he was going to be, he is clearly an upgrade from the 2015 supporting cast.

Oh, I expect those calls against Curry to be going the other direction in Game 7. But still, Go Cavs! Dom needs some Doms from TPE. Smile
These Finals have been very strange in that the most interesting things have been off the court and the momentum swings. The games have been for the most part bad. I think I saw where this is the first time the first six games in a series that will go seven have all been decided by 10+ points -- and most it seems by a lot more than that.

Even though I've found most of the games relatively boring, I'll watch game 7. Hopefully it will be a good game so I actually watch it start to finish. Certainly has great storylines. Living in Ohio, I'd like to see the Cavs win, but I find it difficult to cheer for Lebron. Though I have to admit that of late Green and Curry are making it easier to root for Cleveland.
Originally posted by vinole:
LBJ puts on a performance for the ages and cements his legacy by leading the first team to win a Finals series after being down 3-1. Cleveland's 51+ year title drought comes to a resounding end by beating one of the best teams in NBA history.

Well put.

Just incredible.

So happy for the people of Cleveland -- one of the greatest sports towns in the country.
Originally posted by DoubleD:
Originally posted by Italian Wino:
Congrats to the city of Cleveland. Coming back from that 3-1 deficit is very special.


And make sure patespo didn't hit his head from passing out

I can't stop crying. 42 years of heartache over!!! We the Champs tonight!!! Popping bottles for many, many months to come !

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