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I'm planning to grab some food at the Oakville Grocery on Saturday and i wanted to get some recommendations on where i could picnic during lunch at a vineyard. Preferably somewhere a little less tourist/on the quiet side. Anywhere near Oakville Grocery or even Del Dotto where i have an afternoon reservation? thanks to all in advance!~
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If you could get a 10:30 reservation a Kuleto Winery, you could do 'the tour and tasting' and then have your picnic. It's pricey at $35 per, but the wines and view are worth it. If you join the club, which would be around $70-80 for the first shipment, it would cost you almost nothing. Think Tuscany with the views and not many others there. Now getting down from there is ... well 'exciting'!
Originally posted by Vino Me:
We had a picnic up at Pride and had the area all to ourselves. Nice setting with some stone ruins of an old winery. You have to drive up Spring Mountain though.


I would also recommend Pride. Our experience was similar to VM's (had the place to ourselves). We even bought a bottle of the Pride viognier to go with our sandwiches. To top it off, the guy in the tasting room gave us about a 1/3rd of a bottle of cab they were pouring and let us borrow stems for our meal (for 6 of us). What a great experience.

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