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Interesting to see at the Vintners Tasting Gemstone and Bond pouring 2000 vintage wines. My picks from this tasting of the wines I was able to sample: 2001 Chimney Rock Stags Leap- a very elegant wine and, I think, better than the equivalent bottles from Shafer and Pine Ridge.

2001 Joseph Phelps Napa. probably not going to wine blind tastings but dry, classic cassis nose, and a fine value. Two rich and accessible Oakville bottlings; 2001 Provenance and Turnbull.

At the Society- Wow the 2001 La Jota was fat, and really drinking well, as was the 2001 Rudd Oakville, a highly perfumed, and seemingly complete wine already.

Each tasting had a Diamond Creek 2001- while clearly the tarrif on these wines is out of control they seemed to me to have a lot of potential- the Volcanic was austere and tannic but seemed to have the fruit to go the distance, while the Red Rock Terrace had a captivating nose though was closed on the palate.

There were less than serendipitous wines as well which I could note if requested.
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Hi, Winemook.

If I have this right, you just "approved" several good, mid-priced wines. The Chimney Rock, et al, are all $35-45 here in PA, and usually I can find them. The current problem is the big stack of inventory in the system ahead of the '01 cabs, out here.

I appreciate the heads-up and will probably add all of these to my list.....



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