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Although I was last there around 2002, three places stick out in my mind:

  • The Woodbox (traditional). Wonderful old inn. Beef Wellington, beet salad were the highlights. Although, Mr. Skosh would say the highlight was all the beautiful women that make up the owner's seasonal labor force.

  • Black-Eyed Susan's (eclectic). My favorite. Relaxed bistro thing. Happens to be BYOB. Make a reservation though (if they take them).

  • Aunt Leah's Fudge (scrumptious). I have it sent to me here in Dallas. Smile

Rent a jeep and meander along the various beaches. Cool
Just got back from there on Sunday.

Unfortunately, The Woodbox is no longer there. Frown It's been replaced with 29 Fair Street, we didn't bother eating there. We ate at

The Lobster Shack on Washington St. in town. Not fancy, but delicious lobsters.

Saylee's Seafood on Washington St. Ext. in town. It's pretty much a take-out place, but they have some plastic chairs and tables on their porch. Ate lunch here, and it was supurb. You have to get the fried whole clams.

The Tavern on Main St. in town. It's a bar and grill with very good food, again, we ate lunch here.

The White Elephant on Edison St (I believe) in town. We had a lobster/clam bake here, and it was great.

We didn't get a chance to eat at The Summer House in Sconcet, but it got some high praises from the people we spoke to, as did The Sea Grille on Sparks St. in town and The Straight Wharf right next to The Tavern.

Don't forget to visit Murray's Toggery Shop on Main Street to pick up some Nantucket Reds, and the Jewlers Gallery on Centere Street to pick up the finest quality, handwoven gold Nantucket Basket jewlery.

**edited for many spelling errors**
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Originally posted by just a skosh:
Too bad.
Yeah. Unfortunately (and I had to sounds like an old-fart) it is the signs of the times for Nantucket. All the old-charm is slowly being suffocated with all the BIG "Hamptons-style" money that vacations there. I'm all for change, as much as the next guy, but it's sad when it happens certain ways.
There is restaurant in my neighborhood doing sushi rolls, very popular for 36 years. First time I ate there was their 2nd week.
Now the old man from Japan is dead, and new people say they never seen anything so dirty, even in Japan. I feel violated, as I ate sushi rolls there many times. Who knows maybe roaches tried my spider roll before me.

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