Name the Toronto Wine Crew Contest.

Now that the WS members from Toronto have had their first major offline, perhaps it is time for their group to get a name.

My suggestions:

~Mounted Winos
~The Friendly Wine Drinkers With Socialized Medicine
~The Grape White North

I'm sure their are some other suggestions.

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The first one sounds kinda kinky but, hey, if the shoe fits....

but, borrowing from some of VM's classic choices, I'd add:

Nanook of the North And His Roly-Poly Jug Band

Wow, does that sound stupid, or what? Big Grin Wink

"This wine should be eaten, it is too good to be drunk."
Jonathan Swift
How about "The 51st state wine crew"? Big Grin

I intend to die in a tavern; let the wine be placed near my dying mouth, so that when the choirs of angels come, they may say, "God be merciful to this drinker!"
Walter Map [Mapes] c. 1140 - c. 1210
De Nugis Curialium
Board-O: continuing with the theme, they could be the Yonge at Heart or the Wine and Spadiners! Razz

tlily: that album is more valuable than it seems, to Rush fans at least, because of Geddy Lee's rendition of "Take Off to the Great White North". Mine is carefully stored along with my Masked Marauders album...

snow sucks, cold is worse.......
Why don't we just call them what they are-
As a tribute to the many Frank Zappa fans on this board you guys could have your own theme song. "Watch out where the huskies go, and don't you eat that yellow snow!" Its not likely someone spilled their Y'Quem on a snowdrift. Drink more in '04!

"...soon they'll be bleary eyed under a keg of wine, Down where the drunkards roll." Richard Thompson.
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Pinot Envy:
based on the varied selection they are always boasting about....
the 2 Buck Canucks


Is that American or Canadian?

Perhaps it should be $6.29 Buck Canucks?

What should I do with all these damn dollar coins from my last trip to windsor. The ladies took the American dollars from my nose and mouth, but they wouldn't take the Canadian ones. I guess it's easier the "grab" the paper dollars.
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Wino Republic of Aboot, Eh?
On-To aboot, eh? Crü
Culturaly Friendly Franco/anglophone Canuckian Winos
Winos of the Great White North
Canada, it's more than beer and pot leaves.
The Mounties
Royal Collection of Big Nosed Canuckians

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