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I have recently came into ownership of a 1985 750ml bottle of red bordeaux. I have asked a few friends about this wine and none knew very much about it. The lable says: Cordier
Chateau Clos des Jacobins
Saint Emillion Grand Cru
Domaines Cordierr S.A. Proprietaire

If anyone knows anything about this wine I would be very grateful.
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Well this is a famous wine. In fact, it is not a Grand Cru but a Grand Cru Classé, something that has much more distinction. There are roughly 450 Grand Crus in St.Emilion but only maybe 15-20(Can't remember exactly) Grand Cru Classé. The Grand Cru Classés are then divided in Classe A and Classe B, most of them being in B, just like this one.

I know nothing about the vintage though.

As ever, when asking about a bottle, could you please post:
- how it has been stored
- the amount of space between the cork and the surface of the wine (ullage)
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