Hi Everyone! First off, I want to say how much fun I am having reading through everything on the site . . . I began enjoying wine a long time ago, and with my new job, we are being taught SO much about it and now I have a complete new found appreciation and passion for it . . . so thanks ahead of time for your help!

I went home this weekend and went through my mother's bottles that she has recieved from other people over the years. Since my mother refuses to drink pretty much anything other then Sutterhome White Zin *shudder* I figured I could take some off her hands. To my surprise I found an interesting bottle! I ran to my wine book and to the internet, and have been having a really difficult time trying to find anything out about this wine! So heres what we have

Its from Burgandy. Vintage is 1992. The large name on the label is POMMARD, and underneath that it says "appelation pommard controlee" (Which I know has to be on french wines, right? part of the law . . .still learning! LOL). Above the the name of the wine (or is that the region?) it says "Grand Vin De Bourgogne"

So far this tells me Its a Burgandy and its from Pommard, which my research tells me is the region (please correct me if I am wrong)

Below this we have the tidbits

Mis en bouteille par
Les Vignots
Propritaire-Recoltant A Beaune Cote-D'or France

So this was bottled by Les Vignots.

Now, this wine is hitting 14 years! Is it too old? Should it be older? It says nothing about Cru on the label, is it just table wine? And why can't I seem to find anything about it on the internet? And where would I look to learn things about which wines should be aged and when they will peak and such?

As you can see, being new, I am full of questions! This is all so fascinating! Its like unravelling a mystery Smile

OH YEAH, and the Grape would be Pinot Noir right? LOL!

My Thanks to whoever can decipher my crazy!

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It's a Pinot Noir from a poor year in Burgundy. It's not worth much and probably in decline. Open it at your earliest convenience and don't expect too much.
EH, I am a cheerful person sprnpir, either laughing or smiling broadly and exhaling air in silent joy . . . either way, when they have an abbreviation for that I will gladly use it judiciously Cool

Thanks Board-O! Is knowing that '92 was a poor year in burgandy something that is passed around? or when it comes to vintages in specific regions, is there somewhere I can look to research that kind of thing?
Just to clear something up and ask a final question . . . the vintage chart you linked me to had the Côte de Beaune being an "above average" year . . . I was just wondering why Board-O said it was a poor year . . . are there different perspectives on how a particular area fares?

On another note, I decided that I am going to braise some shortribs in the wine and drink the rest along with a big dinner tomorow night! Woo Hoo! Big Grin
1990, 1995, 1996, and 1997 were far better years. 1992 produced thin, disjointed red wines in most of Burgundy, many of which are now declining. For red Burgundy, afaic, if it's not a grteat year, it's a poor year.
Go easy on the vintage charts.

Overall 1992 was a poor year for reds. Believe Board-O: if it's not great in Burgundy, then it's bound to be miserable.

It was far better for whites.
White grapes are not harvested at the same moment as blue grapes are. Normally they ripen earlier.
well said. I agree 92 reds are a dismal batch. I personally focused on the 95 burgundies. much better

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