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Had the 2005 Zinfandel Russian River Valley Giuseppe & Luisa on our cruise and man is this a workhorse of a wine. Not for the faint of heart. BTW the alc is 16.9% but there is so much fruit it is not too hot.

This just coats the mouth with blackberry, smoky oak, and cinammon flavors with a finish I have never seen in a zin. It lasted for 45+ seconds. It is very ripe, but not too flabby. Wish I could get more of this. If anyone wants to sell me some, email me at justinhome at msn dot com. 94pts. Bravo.

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To me, the difference between Martinelli Zins and everyone else's is unparalleled with any other grape and producer in California. While Turley, Carlisle, Biale, Outpost, Rafanelli, Neyers and Rosenblum have all made Zins I've loved, the combination of quality and consistancy that Martinelli achieves is just without peer.

I'm glad you liked it!

I used to drink Martinellis like water -- I haven't had one in over a year as my palate has gone nearly 100% Italian and Rhone. I'll have to revisit my old friend soon.
Not only do I think Jordan's still the winemaker at Turley, but I'm pretty sure he still consults for Neyers as well.

In any case, I agree with those above who rank Martinelli's Zins at the top of the field. A 2002 Jackass Vineyard Zin (not the Jackass Hill) remains perhaps my favorite of all time. The G&L is consistently great, and if you're interested in a true 'port' of a Zin, try the Vigneto di Evo. Rare, but worth a search IMO.

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