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For those of you who have not been paying attention, 2001 Sauternes futures are currently being offerred by several retailers. After reading James Sucklings online report, Parkers ratings in the most recent WA and seeing the prices, I am convinced that this is a golden opportunity for anyone who enjoys sweet wines. My advice is to buy now or risk missing the boat. The vibe I am getting from buyers, retailers and from my own observations lead me to believe that demand for these wines is similar to the 2000 Bordeaux craze. Albeit on a lesser scale.

Both Suckling and Parker are very high on these wines. Suckling appears to like them more having rated 9 wines in the 95-100 point range. Parkers slightly lower scores could be the result of his self confessed difficulty in rating these wines from barrel. Nevertheless, Parker placed more than half the wines he reviewed in the 90+ range and said this was the best vintage since at least 1990. Suckling called this vintage the best in decades.

Unlike 2000 Bordeaux, it does not appear that producers have increased prices substantially. In fact, a quick price search revealed that initial prices remained the same as prior years. If you are an investor, Sauternes may not be the place to put your money. Historically, it has not increased in value as well as other regions. Whether 2001 will be the same is still to be seen. However, I do not see prices going down so if you are planning to drink these wines, now is the time to buy. In addition, buy ordering now you can get your purchases in any format you like. I have ordered all 375ml bottles.

As a result of the prices and purported quality, I have been buying 2001 Sauternes futures for the last 3 weeks. I have currently purchased about 40 mixed 375ml bottles from the following estates (all of which were given a score of 95-100 from WS). The prices are for 750ml bottles and the WA score, if available, is in parenthesis:

de Malle (WA90-92)- $27
Doisy Vedrines (WA90-92)- $22
Nairac (no WA)- $31
Lafaurie Peyraguey (WA91-93+)- $33
Suduiraut (WA90-93)- $38
Rieussec (WA93-96)- $40

There are 1 or 2 other wines which are on my list to buy but I have not seen them offered yet. Some of the first tranche offerings on wines like the Doisy Vedrines are sold out at retailers although most are still available. Other wines like the Doisy Daene Extravigant which received a 100 score from WS has already increased from its 1st tranche offerring of $130 to $190. This is the exception though as I have not seen other increases yet. With a little searching you should be able to find everything.

These wines represent some of the best QPR's currently being offerred in any wine region. Where else can you find wines in the 95-100 point range for $22-40 per 750ml. Values like these simply do not exist or are at least extremely rare. You need only look at some of the recent discusions on this board regarding the 1998 Kracher dessert wines from Austria to realize the value of Sauternes futures. The Krachers which received similar scores in the 90-98 point range retail in the $45-75 range for a 375ml bottle. 375ml bottles of the Sauternes listed above are selling at futures between $11 and $22. Add the fact that Sauternes have the reputation as the worlds premier dessert wine and the prices seem even better.

A few years from now I will be posting notes on these wines and the great deal I was able to get. Will you? I know some other members have taken advantage of the Sauternes futures also since there has been some discussion offline. If you have bought some I would like to know what you chose. If you haven't, what are you waiting for? In either event, what is your opinion on these wines?

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Vino Me,

Thank you for the education. Not knowing what a dessert wine can really taste like until the NJ Tasting I was just at, I never bothered to pay attention to them. Now that I have an interest, your post was great in leading me in the right direction on where to start. Now I have some names I can research some more and see where I end up.
I have split a case of 750's of the following:

Doisy Vedrines

I am considering a purchase of the Lafaurie Peyraguey but will pass on the Rieussec at the prices offered. I have paid close to what you posted for all of them. Better than icewine and cheaper too!

I love Sauternes and am picking them up for drinking only. Not much investment value in any of the non-Y chateau's. I just want to be sure to get my share. Or more than my share if possible.

Now the secret's out. While I believe WS barrel ratings are generous---collectively this would imply a 95+ vintage year for this group---there is no question that if you like these kinds of wines, the order is buy as futures now. Later prices will be higher if you can find them on release in 2004. Further, the best can chill in the cellar to 2020 and then what is a $30.00 Sauterne worth.

Confirmed mixed case of
Doisy Vedrines- WS 95-100; WA 90-92
Guiraud- WS 95-100; WA 90-92
Lafaurie Peyraguey- WS 95-100;WA-91-93+
waiting for confirmation on
Coutet- WS 95-100; WA- 91-93
Rieussec- WS 95-100; WA-93-96

and all at $20-40.00/ per.

FWIW, d'yquem has not released, but if history teaches us, this will be a stupendous wine, unaffordable to even the most wealthy of us.

DrT [Cool]
Bug Guy- I just emailed you with info from my supplier. It should have everything you need to order. Don't wait too long.

Blue Oval- Did you order your Doisy Vedrines after I sent you the email and supplier info? If so, I ordered a case of 375ml before you and was only able to get 12 bottles instead of the 24 I wanted. By the way, the 25th looks like it will be a better date for us. I will send you an email when I know for sure.

VM - What are the other one or two you're looking for, in case any of us comes across it..

Anybody know anything about Ch. Menota (Barsac)? Their '70 was the best dessert wine I've ever had. That was the only bottle I've ever seen.
My Sotheby's book says value...exported to England since 16th century...very good, despite sixty percent Sauvignon.
Dr.T- My guess for d'Yquem is $300 per 750ml.

To WS- I was in a bit of a rush when I put up my initial post so I did not get a chance to commend James Suckling and the WS website staff for the fabulous 2001 Bordeaux report which highlighted this outstanding Sauternes vintage. Once again the online report proved invaluable in providing me with the information I needed to obtain the wine I wanted. Thanks. My cellar is better off for it.


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Vino Me,

$300 for 2001 Yquem?? I think a better choice would be the 1990 for $225, and it's rated 99 points by rmp. But, let's hope we do not see such an increase for a 2001 Yquem 750ml. "Hype" increases prices, and there is plenty of "hype" for the 2001 Sauternes. I agree, buy early and choose wisely.

BTW, I have visited de Malle, and this is a beautiful estate! Their wines usually get a high 80's or low 90's score, but I think it is a good value, and well worth considering. (The maintenance for the Chateau, grounds, and gardens, must be an incredible expense, but their wines are reasonably priced)

Thanks for the post and for validating my decision. I bought pretty large into several of the wines you listed.

2001 de Malle, Sauternes (375ml) (Pre-Arrival) @ $15.49
2001 d'Arche, Sauternes (375ml) (Pre-Arrival) @ $10.99
2001 Doisy Vedrines, Sauternes (375ml) (Pre-Arrival) @ $12.49

I bought all 375 ml. as a 750 usually ends up being too much sweet wine for one sitting. I don't think the aging difference will bother me that much.
Latour- I'm not going to buy d'Yquem. It is just too much money.

To all- Glad to see others on the board have also taken advantage of 2001 Sauternes. However, I am surprised that more members have not responded. I thought the demand for these wines among "knowledgable" wine collectors (like the people on this board) would have been greater.

Vino Me;

Great post,

You are correct, anytime a case of 95+ point wine can be had for less than $300-it is a buying opportunity.

Be patient, I am sure the posts will keep rolling in as people have the time to update.

I picked-up a mixed case:

Ch. De Malle - 3 750ml bottles at $27/ea.

Ch. Doisy-Vedrines - 3 750ml bottles at $23/ea.

Ch. Rieussec - 6 375ml bottles at $22/ea.
I really wish I could get off the fence but I haven't yet. There are 3 or 4 that I really want, but I have a hard time tieing up the money for 3 years and if they really are that good they will need close to two decades to really shine. I remember a line by Board-O a while ago that I think I may be indentifying with, something along the lines of his favorite Sauternes were from off vintages with the exception of the '67 d'Yquem. I've been drinking the '95 Latour de Blanche for a while now, a year ago I was wondering why I bought all the stuff, now it's getting better and better every time, the last bottle had me worried I didn't buy enough. I know I probably will fall on the buyers side in the next couple weeks but probably not for more than two cases, there is just too much at auction at comparable prices that is closer to ready to drink, but yet still has 20 more years if desired. Decisions, decisions. [Roll Eyes]
Parker is set to release his second reviews of the 2001 Sauternes within the next week so I thought I would bump this thread from a year ago. I have a hunch that Parkers scores will be as good or better than his scores in last Aprils issue of the WA. I also suspect that his updated reviews will spark a small amount of renewed interest in these futures.

For those interested, 2001 Sauternes futures are still available from a number of different retialers. The current prices offered are about the same or 10% higher than a year ago. The big difference is that many of the best values (like Doisy Vedrines) and the highest scoring wines (like Doisy Daene Extravigant) are sold out or extremely hard to find. However, there are still many fine bottles available.

I tasted a handful of the 2000 Sauternes and Barsac dessert wines over the last 6 months and was impressed. I have only tried one low end 2001. However, if 2001 is better than 2000 as every expert says, then they must be truly special and worth seeking out.

The best time to buy is before the new WA is mailed.

As predicted last week, Parker has upgraded a number of his 2001 Sauternes scores. Here some of the upgrades with his last years scores first and his new scores second.

~Climens (no 2002 score; 96-99)
~Suduiraut (90-93; 93-96)
~Rieussec (93-96; 95-98)
~Doise Daene l'Extravagant (92-95+;96-98. He is now much closer to James Sucklings 100 point score)
~Guiraud (90-92; 91-94)
~De Malle (90-92; 90-94)

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This was posted today by Robert Parker on another Bulliten Board:
I thought my scores were very high.But, let's not forget these wines are still infants,and just beginning to reveal other characteristics other than sugar and simple flavors...Is the vintage superior to 90,89,and 88? Only time will's a super year,but there is not a taster in the world who can state in definitive terms AT THIS STAGE of the 2001's evolution that they are "the best since 1921" experience suggests the sweet wines of Sauternes/Barsac require 5-6 years in bottle before you really know what you have...for the red wines of Bordeaux..5-12 months of cask aging usually reveals the truth about the vintage...the residual sugar,effects of botrytis, higher alcohols,all combine to cause a slow and stubborn evolution of the sweet wines.
That can't have enough of 2001 Climens or Rieussec

Just got my latest Wine Club newsletter yesterday. They're still offering 01 Sauternes futures. The only Sauternes I've ever had is the 98 Lamothe Guignard--but it was mighty tasty, and a nice wine to serve when bringing a hot date home after a wonderful meal out. SO, that piqued my interest in the 01 Sauternes. I'm leaning towards the following, all in 375 ml bottles:

Coutet @ $18.99 per
de Malle @ $15.99 per
Doisy Vedrines @ $12.99 per
Guiraud @ $20.99 per
Lafaurie Peyrageuy @ $17.99 per
Lamothe Guignard @ $10.99 per
Nairac @ $17.99

They aren't offering Climens yet, and only offering Rieussec in 750ml bottles for $58.99. I would appreciate info. from Vino Me and those of you much more familiar with Sauternes than I, re. which of the above you would most recommend. I would not see myself purchasing more than 2 mixed cases, including waiting for Climens or Rieussec. Thanks!!!

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