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This is certainly a waste of my 1000th post, but perhaps it's grimly appropriate.

I've been seeing this all over town, and couldn't help but wonder, perhaps they're onto something! The world really could use a $5 Pinot Noir.

This ain't it, baby. I know that most of you would have the good sense to stay away from a wine that has a cute name ("Pinot Evil." Am I blushing?) and no vintage designation. But for the rest of you adventurous value-hunters: SAVE YOURSELVES! Stay away from this abomination!

I can't remember when I've had a worse wine. Acidic, coarse, bitter and tart. Two sips and down the drain. What were they thinking? This doesn't even have any of the guilty pleasure of a cheap Aussie Shiraz. This is a wine that won't appeal to the sweet-fruit-juice-swilling-masses, much less to anyone who has any appreciation for finer wines.

I never thought it could happen, but this bottle of toxic waste earns an F. If I did the 100 point scale, I would have no qualms about giving this a zero. A price of $0 would still earn it a miserable QPR. This makes Fat Bastard and Yellow Tail seem sophisticated. What more can I say? To hunt down the vintners and make them drink this swill would be an atrocity that befits the crime.
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