Being a teacher, I suggested to my wife (Jedi mind-trick) that she take off my Spring Break and travel to the southeast with me. We eventually drove to Wilmington and Southport, NC (around the Cape Fear area) and had a wonderful time.

On a whim as we left to return to IL I saw a sign for Duplin Winery. We stopped by (having been extremely interested in wines for several years) and tasted some of the local varieties. I discovered the subtropical native variety of Muscadine grapes (as opposed to the typical vinifera).

If you’ve never tried a Muscadine wine, I can only describe the good ones to be like “fresh grape juice with a kick”. It’s truly something to be had, especially during the summer. While many might have heard of Scuppernog, I find a slightly chilled glass of Magnolia from Duplin Winery to be one of the most refreshing and invigorating things I’ve ever drank.

Experiences? Opinions?
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Friend of mine living in NC had sent me 2 bottles, red and white. After opening 'em, we found muscadine wines to be excellent for lamb chops marinades...and unfortunatelly, that was the ONLY use we could think of.
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I'm not surprised Serge liked it.

you have a hard on for me? Take it and stick it up yours. I noticed you, you don't have to jump anymore, clown.
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I'd rather drink dog piss than any product of the musky-dine grape. In fact that would be a good blind side by side.
I would rather drink a muscadine than dog urine.

I'm not sure I could tell the difference though. Cool
That is the winner of the best thread of all time award. No contest.

Grunhauser, the redneck from East Cobb, Georgia (BillyBoy? BillyBob? - something like that), Pesterer, etc. are all lightweights compared to those two. WinkBig Grin

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