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Originally posted by just a skosh:
That's "just a" skosh to you, sir. Wink Thanks for the suggestion. Smile At a party this past weekend, someone said to bike to Wood Creek Tavern, then take a taxi back. Big Grin Shades of Woodinville...

I hope your trip to Chicago was wonderful. Look forward to hearing about it next Thursday night. Smile


A bit formal are we? Must be that "Brit" your married to! Razz Big Grin
JAS - I lived in Aspen for 5 years, and you can't go wrong. It will be quiet, as many locals take trips this time of year to get them in before the summer season kicks off, about mid June with the food & wine festival.

However, that means you can have a tranquil visit to what really is a special town. Lots of people put it down because of the glossier side of life, and that's there, but remember, it was a silver mining town for 100 years before celebs started going there, and unlike so many other resorts, say Vail, Whistler, Steamboat, etc., it wasn't "manufactured" out of a cow pasture. If there's anything at the Wheeler opera house, go see it - you'll be amazed at what mining money built in the 1890s; then go walk through the Hotel Jerome and think about the same guy (Jerome B. Wheeler) building both! The hotel had the first steam elevator west of the Missisipi River.

Many of the more upscale restaurants may be closed in May, and my personal knowledge is a bit out of date, though I was there in January. Pick the brains of any of the concierges at the three major hotels (I'm partial to the Hotel Jerome, worked there, but the Nell or Regis won't steer you wrong).

Woody Creek Tavern - that will be a great outing. It's about 8-10 miles downvally from town, but there is a off-road path that goes almost right to it; rent bikes and make a day of it. It's a classic Colorado dive, used to be Hunter Thompson's favorite hangout. You can ride both directions - but, since it's downhill from Aspen to Woody Creek, you can always call high mountain taxi to pick you up and save you the slight uphill ride back to town(as your friend said). You might get a little grief, but will save a lot of huffing and you don't have to limit the beer consumption.

If you dig dive bars and want to see how local ski bums live, go to Cooper St Pier if it hasn't closed already. It's been a local hangout for decades but is finally succumbing to insane real estate prices and closing this year.

If you like sushi, both Kenichi and Takah Sushi are good, fish is flown in daily. Kenichi is more "hip" and Takah more relaxed. You'll probably see a lot of locals at both, more ski bums at Takah, more trendy types at Kenichi. Pacifica is good midlevel restaurant, and the bar is a friendly hangout.

Have fun!

Many thanks (especially to Squirrel) for the good info. Smile Just got back, and the place was empty, louzarius. Weather was gorgeous (sunny, mid-70's). Wonderful to see mountains again; I'd been going through withdrawal. Eek

I imagine the only better off-season time to go to Aspen would be in the autumn when the leaves are turning. But, last Saturday marked six years of bliss. Wink

Funny that my favorite individual food item was the beet, goat cheese salad at the J Bar. Sad to report I was limited to wines by the (one) glass (e.g., '04 Siduri pinot, Banfi super Tuscan Ceretine) as I was doing a skelaxin/acetazolamide cocktail. I'd managed to whack my head on some granite about a week and a half ago. Last Monday, I decided the holistic route wasn't working. Big Grin

Good news is I'm now off the drugs and happily turning myself into a pretzel again. Gotta rebuild my stamina for this Thursday's off-line. Smile Namaste.

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