The Old Man posted:
doubled posted:

Anyone in the northern NJ area looking for a ticket to the opening night for Downton Abbey? đŸ˜¬

Is this a special event? Many theaters offer refunds; some up to an hour before showtime.

It was tongue in cheek.  My GF wanted to go.  Before I could come up with an excuse, she already bought two.  Fortunately she found a friend to take my place.

Rothko posted:

King Ralph - I feel so ashamed.  And yet, I recognized the same rooms from Downton Abbey that were used for this fine film.

I've never heard the guy but I guess Highclere Castle was used in John Legend's 2006 music video for "Heaven." My own favorite use, beside Downton Abbey, is in the great TV series Jeeves and Wooster.

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