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Thumbs up!

Yes, agree, but it was so depressing it made me want to go to the baby goat petting zoo and go watch old videos of "Up with People!"

Have you seen the equally joyless San Diego Personal Trainer, but superior (IMO), Amorres Perros?

On another note, I just saw the new buddy flick Step Brothers. I went in expecting a piece of junk. A bit long, horrible acting, but some real laughs. I'd recommend if you like the genre.

john wick chapter 3

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The Tenant

It's probably been about 40 year since I saw this movie and remembered very little of it. Thank you TCM for finally showing it. Strange, but very good film.

Speaking of TCM, for this thread to have so little activity this year The Old Man must have stopped posting around here?

Just for you. It certainly is an interesting throwback to Polanski's work in the 60s and he does get to get his fetishes out. Perhaps it's closest to the great Repulsion.  There's the question how much Polanski can carry a movie as an actor, as good as he does in his short role in Chinatown.

If you've never seen his first feature Knife in the Water, I urge you to seek it out. I hadn't seen it in decades and forgot how masterful Polanski is in his direction.

For his later movies I really enjoyed 2013's kinkfest Venus in Furs. I was surprised how much. I was always disappointed by his constant use of his young wife Emmanuelle Seigner in the late 20th and 21st century. However she really tears the screen up in this movie.

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