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Originally posted by Wine Sparty:
I watched the Fab Five documentary last night (I know...even a Spartan was intrigued by it!). Pretty interesting, but it certainly had a big hole by not having Webber involved.

I only saw the last 1/2 hour of it. It would be interesting to know when Webber got much of the money that he received, was it before or after he decided to go pro.
I hear you.

I thought the dialogue was quite good at times.

-You are the most shot-out twenty three year old I've ever seen. How have you made it this far? How have you not run yourself over in car?

- I've done that.



[referring to his dad]
Ethan Tremblay: At least he tasted good.
Peter Highman: Not bad. Yeah, strong. It was uh...full flavored, robust blend.
Ethan Tremblay: He really enjoyed coffee and in the end he was enjoyed as coffee. Circle of life.
Peter Highman: Lion King. All that.

Peter Highman: This looks like a border crossing, it says Mexico.
Ethan Tremblay: Oh, lord! Gosh!
Peter Highman: What?
Ethan Tremblay: I thought that said Texaco. We're low on gas.

I thought the Chili's comments were decent too..

It was definitely a predictable road trip film though...meh.
Originally posted by jorgerunfast:
Originally posted by Adam10:
Due Date.

When you expect a film to be poor, it's nice when it's not.

Reluctantly recommended.

"Dad, you were like a father to me".

I guess we had opposite experiences. I expected it to be pretty good / funny. thought it was boring and predictable.

Forgot to mention it had a good soundtrack...whether or not the official one is good, no idea...

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