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American History X....had it already on order from Blockbuster. Just had razor-sharp timing since a police office was shot and killed two nights ago in St. Petersburg.

Man, Ed Norton is such a good actor.....his voice and dialogue really pull you in.

Your heart bleeds for family of 25 year veteran on SPPD force who leaves behind a wife and two children----and for what, trying to investigate a prowler. But as the movie ends, "hate is such a waste of time".......
Over the last several months:
The Wire Seasons 1 thru 5- another excellent TV show no longer being made
Wallander Series 1 and 2- intriguing stuff shot with beautiful scenery. I hope Branagh does another one.
Inception- well done, will win most special effects categories at the Oscars
Social Network- good movie, but I don't get all the accolades, but I don't get Facebook either. I must be getting old, it's just time to accept it.
Jack Goes Boating- another small, well acted, albeit depressing Phillip Seymour Hoffman movie (his Directorial debut)
Let Me In- disturbing on many levels, but good because of it
Secretariat- Disneyesque
Get Low- Duvall excels again
Originally posted by Wino90210:
Just watched "You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger"...which may be Woody's worst movie to date...remarkably, I didn't laugh once in 90 minutes!

Most critics found Whatever Works worse, but at least I chuckled a few, very few, times.
Sounds pretty much like every Woody Allen movie I ever watched.... Cool

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