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The recent death of Peter Yates prompted me to watch Breaking Away again, for the first time in 30 years? (Cripes, how could it possibly have been that long? Red Face) Still as entertaining as I remembered, though now it's mostly viewed through nostalgia. And interesting to see such young versions of Dennis Quaid and Daniel Stern again.
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Several German movies, but have no clue what is being said.

Big Grin Then why watch them? I thought you pre-loaded several favs on your iPad.[/QUOTE.

Many movies do not need verbiage. I'm saying my iPad movies for my trip home.

Speaking of German movies, I recently saw a remastered, blu-ray version of Metropolis at Costco, but they wanted a small fortune for it.
My entertainment industry friends have loaned me screeners, which is nice:

1. Kids Are Alright. Hated it. While the performances were all good, every time Annette Benning appeared I cringed - who wants to watch a raving $^^# for 90 minutes.

2. Despicable Me - Watchable, but preferred Megamind. Unless you have little ones (which I do), an easy pass.

3. True Grit - Enjoyed, not too long - like many Westerns (especially any Eastwood directed snoozefest). Barry Pepper should get more work.
Kings Speech - certainly a superbly made and acted movie, but left me bored. it felt like i had seen it all before, and there were really no surprises or twists.

Knowing the Weinstein's made it makes me even more suspicious - the movie felt like a project manufactured to win as many awards as possible -

1. Overcome physical handicap - check.
2. Period piece about royals in England - check.
3. Cast of distinguished British (and Aussie) actors - check.

Social Network - My pick for best movie I've seen this year...a real hatchet job on Zuckerberg and Sean Parker, but that probably made for a more entertaining movie. Whoever played Larry Summers was terrific. One question: Is Harvard at all like that anymore (the clubs etc...)?
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Wino90210 - You had my attention until you cited Social Network as your movie pick of the year.

I can't find a lot of movies that I enjoyed was yet another year of slim pickings...just looked at the oscar list (far from definitive), and while I haven't seen them all, it's the best of a weak bunch.

I usually go to 2-3 movies a week...I've been once since Thanksgiving...think that says it all!

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