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Just saw a double feature last night...expendables and piranha 3d

Piranha 3D was much more enjoyable than I anticipated...I like like horror/gore/b movies - if you do, you should you enjoy this fast paced cheesy flick with some superb cameos.

Expendables was a disaster - it may qualify as the worst movie of the year. Leaden dialogue, very serious, non sensical plot, boring action scenes, poor editing...the list goes on. It felt like a direct to video movie...and a bad one at that!
Ghost Writer- well done
Kick Ass- funny if you like the style
Youth without Youth- Metaphysical love story. Coppola directed, written, and produced starring Tim Roth whom I've liked since Reservoir Dogs. Francis must have been reading some Vonnegut and practicing total consciousness prior to/during this creation. A little too long but interesting with pretty decent cinematography.
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Dexter Season 4 on blu-ray. Great so far!

Post when you are done. I don't want to talk it up, but I would say seasons 3 and 4 of Dexter are two of the best seasons of any TV show ever.

Finished it last night. Unfortuately, I had heard about the "surprise" ending somewhere earlier, but I didn't let on to the family, also watching. Though they were shocked, it came as sort of an anti-climax to me. Frown
Still a great season though! Cool
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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

You need to catch The Girl Who Played with Fire soon, before the third movie comes out this Fall.
TGWTDT was on On Demand, so I'm planning on catching the next one On Demand as well. We'll try to catch the 3rd one in theaters, The Girl Who Played with Fire has stopped playing in Houston already.

Did you see our Angelika closed?

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