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Originally posted by Rothko:
The Two Towers

Working my way through the trilogy.

Is this the first time you have seen these movies, or are these repeat viewings?

I thought that The Two Towers was the best of the three; thanks in large part to the performances of Bernard Hill, Brad Dourif, and Christopher Lee. And Miranda Otto: WOW!
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Originally posted by mpls wine guy:
Sorcerer's Apprentice with my son.

Would you say this is mostly for kids?

I think Cage has really been slumming for the past few years. I don't understand why he isn't taking/being offered more challenging roles in better movies.
That said, I thought National Treasure was fun.

I went to a late showing when I was dog tired, so kind of dozed off here and there, but enjoyed what I did see enough to further realize how much of an influence The Matrix has had on Sci Fi and pop culture in general since '99. In a way, Inception's kind of the same movie.

My wife wants to see it, so I'll go again. I'll enjoy it, but will be prepared to leave halfway, as she'll hate it.
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Originally posted by sydthesquid:
The Kids Are All Right


Good to hear. Everyone is raving about this. My #1 'to see' movie right now.

Mrs. H and I just got home from seeing this movie. It was great! Annette Bening was perfectly cast, as was Mark Ruffalo. Very funny and poignant.

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