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Da 5 Bloods

Not bad but as is often the case I find Lee's heavy handedness a little too much. I did like the shifting aspect ratio depending upon the time frame of the scene.

 Oh no. He said "aspect ratio." Now for those who have been following along what if you watch this on a channel that doesn't show the film itself in the correct aspect ratio? Well, it simply wouldn't work. FWIW Spike Lee's last good movie was She's Got to Have It

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Do the Right Thing, He Got Game and BlackkKlansman were all good in my opinion

I wasn't crazy about He Got Game but did like the other two. I also liked Malcolm X and Inside Man. The latter was a departure for him and I thought Denzel Washington and Clive Owen were both really good.

" This time next week I'll be sucking down pina coladas in a hot tub with six girls named Emily and Tiffany.

More like taking a shower with two guys named Jamal and Jesus, if you know what I mean. And here's the bad news: that thing you're sucking on? It's not a pina colada."

Athlete A, a Netflix documentary about the child sexual abuse that was allowed to go on within USA Gymnastics. The title refers to the young lady who made a complaint in 2015, whose family was told by the president of the organization that it was being investigated. He also told the girl’s family that if they went public it would jeopardize an investigation that wasn’t actually taking place. Despite her performance at nationals, she was left off the 2016 Olympic team, even as an alternate.

The film also focuses on the team of investigative journalists at the Indy Star newspaper who delved into the matter and brought it to light. Indybob is a photojournalist for that paper and I believe also did work on the story for the Star. Highly recommended to watch, but parts are difficult for sure. It’s a good reminder of the importance of real journalism. 

Knife in the Water--93pts. For Roman Polanski's tremendous first feature length movie he set himself quite a task. There are only three people in the movie and most of it's set on a small boat with a little cabin. Also two of the actors were appearing in their first movie. Polanski himself actually dubbed the voice of the character billed as the "Young Man."

A husband and wife are going for their usual overnight getaway on their boat. The big up, and almost hitting, a handsome young man and he winds up going with them. Polanski's build up of tension revolves around a type of switch-knife and the dynamics of the two men in their need to be masculine. There's even a tense scene with the kids's game Pick Up Sticks. However Polanski will not have the knife play its expected roll and the title of the film eventually becomes clear. The movie was Polanski's only feature length film made in his native Poland. It was also the first Polish film nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Film--losing out to 8 1/2 . The film has a great soundtrack features players from the then emerging Polish jazz scene.

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